Lawmakers in Iowa discarded their traditional teacher-compensation system last week and voted to replace it with one that would pay educators based on their performance in the classroom and students' achievement, rather than on the number of years spent teaching.
May 16, 2001 – Education Week
A high school counselor can be sued for dispensing academic advice that has an adverse effect on a student, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled last week in a decision that a dissenting judge warned could put a damper on academic counseling.
May 2, 2001 – Education Week
A high-achieving Iowa student who was home-schooled for all but the last two years of her education will not graduate from her local high school, or even participate in commencement, because she lacks enough credits for a diploma, the district school board decided last week.
May 2, 2001 – Education Week
Some high school students in the Midwest skipped class to help sandbag buildings in flood-threatened towns along the Mississippi River last week, as rising waters closed some schools and turned others into shelters.
April 25, 2001 – Education Week
Iowa appears to be poised to consider a pay-for-performance compensation plan for teachers, following the lead of a handful of districts and schools that have embraced the controversial policy.
January 10, 2001 – Education Week
Education leaders in Iowa are looking beyond the nation's long-standing black and white desegregation debate in an attempt to create schools that are welcoming to students of all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
October 11, 2000 – Education Week

Vice President Al Gore has mapped out an education agenda that, perhaps not surprisingly, closely resembles President Clinton's ideas on teacher quality.

May 26, 1999 – Education Week
In sharp contrast to their fellow Midwesterners in Minnesota, members of the Illinois Education Association are dead set against the "principles of unity" for merging their national affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers.
April 29, 1998 – Education Week

A broad coalition of Iowa's most powerful education groups is pressing lawmakers to put early-childhood and parenting education at the top of the Statehouse agenda.

January 21, 1998 – Education Week

Iowa, the only state still shunning uniform academic standards, is moving to slip a few of them through the back door.

September 24, 1997 – Education Week

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