A bipartisan committee of 12 Iowa legislators released a plan last week that strongly encourages the state’s small school districts to share more resources and sets the stage for establishing minimum sizes for both districts and high schools.
March 30, 2005 – Education Week
Democrats and Republicans alike are calling for merit pay, pay for performance, and other ways that deviate from the generally inflexible salary schedules under which teachers are paid.
February 2, 2005 – Education Week
State of the States: Education highlights from latest governor's address before the legislature.
January 19, 2005 – Education Week
A report published jointly by the Iowa Policy Project and Child & Family Policy Center details what it says are the results of recent tax cuts on K-12. It says that earmarked spending on programs has decreased by almost 5 percent, and per-pupil spending has decreased 2.1 percent since 2001.
December 10, 2004 – Education Week (Web)
Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa has tapped Judy Jeffrey to serve as the director of the state department of education.
December 1, 2004 – Education Week
Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa is stumping statewide to galvanize support to expand his state’s early-childhood-education system and strengthen high school course requirements.
October 20, 2004 – Education Week
Election 2004Teachers, administrators, and other school officials across Iowa use the state's quadrennial political ritual as a classroom tool and a launching point for civic involvement.
January 7, 2004 – Education Week
President Bush's signature education program entered the spotlight last week in Iowa, a state that is playing a central role in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and will be a key battleground in the 2004 general election.
November 19, 2003 – Education Week
Iowa legislators appear ready to scrap much of their state's teacher pay-for- performance program, which just two years ago was considered a bold shift away from rewarding educators based on seniority.
September 10, 2003 – Education Week
Now in its fourth year, a federal "demonstration project" has channeled $37 million in school construction funds to Iowa schools. It could be construed as pork, but the senator says it's working.
October 24, 2001 – Education Week

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