Students from integrated neighborhoods made the largest academic gains in three years of court-ordered school desegregation in metropolitan Wilmington, Del., according to a major new study by researchers at Michigan State University.
October 6, 1982 – Education Week
Tougher "accountability" standards for teachers will be urged in yet another state, when a panel of educators submits its recommendations to the Delaware State Board of Education later this month.
May 5, 1982 – Education Week
In 1978, when the youth unemployment rate was a staggering 45 percent in his state, Governor Pierre S. du Pont IV initiated Jobs for Delaware's Graduates (jdg), a comprehensive career-counseling and job-placement program aimed at general-education students, who seemed most likely to end up on the state's unemployment rolls.
April 7, 1982 – Education Week
February 2, 1982 – Education Week

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