District of Columbia

The Buffalo, N.Y., school district has sparked controversy from many quarters in its unusually aggressive bid to operate a group of its own charter schools. Now its first official step toward building that network of schools has been very publicly rebuffed by the state department of education.
February 23, 2005 – Education Week
Only 6 percent of the students participating in the first year of the federally financed private-school-voucher program for the District of Columbia came from public schools designated as being in need of improvement, according to a report released last week by the People for the American Way Foundation.
February 16, 2005 – Education Week
George Parker, a junior high mathematics teacher in the District of Columbia schools, has been elected president of the teachers’ union for the nation’s capital.
February 9, 2005 – Education Week
The choice of a new leader for the union representing teachers in the District of Columbia—the first since a financial scandal sent its former president to federal prison last year—won’t be decided until a runoff election is held later this month.
January 12, 2005 – Education Week
The District of Columbia school system has accepted a fine from the U.S. Department of Education for failing to give exams tied to specific district academic standards.
January 12, 2005 – Education Week
In2Books, a reading program designed by a former entertainment lawyer and her husband, has become an integral part of the curriculum in hundreds of classrooms throughout many of the capital city’s elementary schools.
January 5, 2005 – Education Week
District of Columbia officials are screaming foul over a new federal provision that requires their city to offer any surplus school property to charter schools for at least 25 percent less than its appraised value.
November 17, 2004 – Education Week
In Washington, charter schools are starting to be billed as a strategy for revitalizing residential neighborhoods and making the city more attractive to middle-class parents.
October 27, 2004 – Education Week
Everyone wants the first day of school to go smoothly, but leaders of the District of Columbia schools, in particular, really needed it to go well.
September 15, 2004 – Education Week
In the first year of the federally financed voucher program in the District of Columbia, 1,019 students will attend 53 private schools using the tuition aid, officials announced last week.
September 8, 2004 – Education Week

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