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February 11, 2009 – Education Week
School groups will have a chance to see history unfold in person as Barack Obama is sworn in as president on Jan. 20—though finding a place to stay in Washington may prove as elusive as a clear view of the inauguration.
January 7, 2009 – Education Week
President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have chosen a private school for their two daughters, opting for an institution that another White House child, Chelsea Clinton, attended a decade ago.
December 3, 2008 – Education Week
Many school districts in the Washington area have canceled classes for Inauguration Day in January, or are considering that step.
November 19, 2008 – Education Week
Michelle Obama tours private schools, but advocates hold out hope that a traditional public school or charter school will be selected.
November 19, 2008 – Education Week
Under Michelle A. Rhee’s outline, principals would implement a little-known procedure allowing them to place ineffective teachers on a 90-day improvement plan. Those who did not improve would face dismissal.
October 15, 2008 – Education Week
Civic and education leaders could reverse the decline in public school enrollment in the nation’s capital and potentially attract up to 20,000 more students to the city’s public schools by 2015 if they improve academic achievement, expand affordable housing options, and strengthen neighborhoods, a new pair of reports concludes.
October 8, 2008 – Education Week
The U.S. Department of Justice has reached a $1.75 million settlement with the District of Columbia to resolve allegations that its public school system submitted false claims for federal money under the Migrant Education Program.
September 24, 2008 – Education Week
Seven parochial schools in the District of Columbia have been reinvented as publicly funded charters in a move that is drawing interest from Catholic educators around the country.
September 10, 2008 – Education Week
D.C. school leaders last week joined ranks with other big-city districts that are experimenting with programs that pay cash to students for showing up at school and performing well.
August 27, 2008 – Education Week

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