As a handful of school districts around the country continue to try to prevent students from forming gay-straight alliances, the U.S. Department of Education is putting schools on notice that federal law requires them to treat all student organizations the same.
June 14, 2011 – Education Week
A 10-year study by a blue-ribbon panel of scientists concludes that high-stakes testing and other accountability measures have largely failed to translate to real improvements in student achievement.
May 26, 2011 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week
Some states are scaling back ambitious plans and deadlines as they implement their education-reform plans.
March 30, 2011 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week
Economic conditions colored discussions about education as the nation's governors gathered recently in Washington.
March 9, 2011 – Education Week
Nearly $100 billion in aid saved jobs and spurred state policy overhauls, but the long-term impact remains to be seen as the recovery act reaches its second anniversary.
February 12, 2011 – Education Week
The federal government is bracing for another round of requests from states on maintenance of effort requirements.
February 9, 2011 – Education Week
Lawmakers are using states' financial shortfalls to press for more efficient, and effective, ways to improve and run schools.
February 2, 2011 – Education Week
Nationwide, most teach subjects or in grades in which value-added data are unavailable.
February 2, 2011 – Education Week
In a bid to raise college awareness and readiness among high school students, the state of Delaware will offer every 11th grader the chance to take the SAT college-entrance exam, free of charge, during the school day.
February 2, 2011 – Education Week
American classrooms are falling short in the area of global competence but teaching our students world languages could reverse this trend, write Anthony M. Jackson, Charles E.M. Kolb, and John I. Wilson.
January 26, 2011 – Education Week


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