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To ignore the pressing needs of our children, and of the men and women who choose to spend their lives in service of their learning, is a mistake that the next president cannot afford to make, says Ronald Thorpe.
September 24, 2008 – Education Week
A company that runs one of the nation’s largest networks of online schools has discontinued a program that arranged for U.S. high school teachers to send their students’ English essays to India for evaluations by reviewers there.
September 10, 2008 – Education Week
In 2007, former photojournalist Dan Habib released a documentary about his son Samuel, an 8-year-old with cerebral palsy, and his family’s unflagging efforts to make sure that Samuel was a full participant in home and school life.
September 10, 2008 – Education Week
The United Kingdom’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has terminated an exam-grading contract worth about $291 million with ETS Europe.
August 27, 2008 – Education Week
Iris C. Rotberg comments on the education myths that have become the basis of rhetoric and policy.
June 11, 2008 – Education Week
The U.K's Gordon Brown and Colombian singer Shakira join advocates in Washington to persuade lawmakers to make basic education available worldwide.
April 30, 2008 – Education Week
The story of one Bhutanese refugee, whose family has relocated to Syracuse, N.Y., illustrates the conflicts surrounding the displacement of thousands of Bhutanese.
April 30, 2008 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week
For more than 72 million children around the globe, school is not yet an option.
April 30, 2008 – Education Week
Teachers and faculty prepare for the language and cultural challenges posed by their community’s newest immigrant group.
April 30, 2008 – Education Week
Today, a mounting database of results from international studies has made it possible for researchers to start exploring the relationship between education and economic growth in much more systematic ways than in 1983.
April 23, 2008 – Education Week


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