Elementary pupils are exposed to more complex math in Hong Kong than in Massachusetts—both top performers on international exams.
May 20, 2009 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week
April 29, 2009 – AP
Aid for basic education in developing countries declined from $5.5 billion in 2006 to $4.3 billion, or 22% in 2007.
April 29, 2009 – Education Week
The United States risks "the equivalent of a permanent recession" unless the situation is remedied, a McKinsey and Co. researcher warned.
April 22, 2009 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week
After decades of trying to get common content in schools, the land Down Under appears to be on the verge of succeeding.
April 22, 2009 – Education Week
In South Korea, families spend about 10 percent of their incomes on private tutoring and other academic services.
April 22, 2009 – Education Week


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