PD Toolkit

Engaged Teaching: In-Depth Strategies for Classroom Management, Ed-Tech Effectiveness, and Common Core Success

The PD Toolkit is no longer available for purchase.

Every teacher strives to run his or her classroom smoothly and generate excitement about learning—but that can be far easier said than done. This unique toolkit presents resources spanning three key focus areas that educators need to create truly dynamic learning environments. It gives teachers and those who support them exclusive, finger-tip access to 18 highly-regarded, educator-led Education Week PD webinars. The presentations provide both practical, ready-to-use advice and essential contextual information.

To deepen teachers' understanding and practice, the toolkit also includes seven Education Week Spotlight compilations exploring key instructional issues today and the popular e-book Classroom Management Q&A's: Expert Strategies for Teaching by renowned teacher Larry Ferlazzo. Provided in a flexible, on-demand format, this toolkit can be used to help teachers sharpen specific skills and enhance professional knowledge.

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Toolkit Contents Include:

Education Week PD Webinars

Classroom Management and Student Motivation

1. Changing Mindsets, Motivating Students with Carol Dweck

2. Developing Intrinsic Motivation in Students

3. Intentional Teaching: Infusing Instruction With Purpose

4. 'Real Talk' on Teaching

5. Defining the Consequences: Student-Behavior Management With Doug Lemov

6. Cultivating Deep Reading Skills and Habits in Students

7. Improving Classroom Climate Through Social-Emotional Learning

8. Emotional Resilience for Educators

9. The Highly Motivating Classroom

10. Boosting Authentic Literacy Through Common-Core Instructional Shifts

Common Core Implementation and Teaching

1. The Language of Math: the Common Core and English-Learners

2. Reaching All Learners: Common Core Tests for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities

3. Teaching and Measuring the Common Core's Mathematical Practices

4. Teaching Social Issues in the Common-Core Era

5. No More Word Lists: Teaching Vocabulary in Context

Education-Technology Strategies

1. Building Better Ed-Tech Strategies for the Pre-K-5 Crowd

2. How Much Digital Literacy Do Students Need?

3. Digital Math Strategies to Personalize Learning in K-8

Content subject to change without notice.

Education Week Spotlights

1. Classroom Management
2. Deeper Learning
3. Differentiated Instruction
4. Motivation
5. Tips for New Teachers
6. Common-Core Instruction

7. Using Technology for
Classroom Collaboration

Education Week Press E-book

Classroom Management Q&As: Expert Strategies for Teaching

by Larry Ferlazzo





The PD Toolkit is no longer available for purchase.

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