Spotlight on Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness

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Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness

The Education Week Spotlight on Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on how teachers are learning to provide effective instruction during COVID-19, how education programs are employing scientifically based reading instruction, and how teacher preparation programs are training new educators to acknowledge systemic inequities.

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Educators are struggling to learn how to use new tech tools—devices, apps, software, and online textbooks—in greater volume than ever before.
April 22, 2020 – Education Week

Too often, teachers are asked to use SEL practices without enough training and ongoing support, tanking the effectiveness.
April 8, 2020 – Education Week

The National Council on Teacher Quality has found that the number of elementary programs teaching scientifically based reading instruction is increasing.
January 28, 2020 – Education Week

An instructional program in Tennessee uses a continuous-improvement process to try to help math coaches do their jobs better.
June 13, 2018 – Education Week

You can still keep prospective teachers in the fold remotely, writes John Pascarella. Here are 7 steps to make it work.
April 9, 2020 – Education Week

Many researchers have given up on teacher professional development as a way to raise student test scores, but two approaches have been yielding good results, writes Heather C. Hill.
February 24, 2020 – Education Week

Teacher education must help everyone think critically of the world to avoid perpetuating inequity, urges Hui-Ling Malone.
September 11, 2019 – Education Week

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