Spotlight on Digital Literacy

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Digital Literacy

The Education Week Spotlight on Digital Literacy is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on:

  • Defining what digital literacy means for schools
  • Empowering students through digital storytelling
  • Innovative ways for educators to approach digital learning
  • What literacy skills are required for success in the workplace

You get the seven articles below in a downloadable PDF.

For educators, digital literacy means much more than learning to read online. Here's a guide to understanding it.
November 9, 2016 – Education Week

Education Week visited Delaware's largest employer for a closer look at how digitization is changing the workplace.
September 26, 2018 – Education Week

When it comes to literacy skills, there seems to be a gap between what employers want and what schools provide, but it’s a fuzzy one.
September 26, 2018 – Education Week

Now that students can integrate code and multimedia into the texts they create, schools need a new approach to literacy, writes Chris Panell.
June 20, 2018 – Teacher

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