Superintendent's Briefing Book, 2011

The 2011 edition provides comprehensive yet concise overviews of the best thinking available on a wide range of PreK-12 education concerns. This resource will prove invaluable in making research-based decisions with confidence, and in identifying programs and practices that will improve student achievement. Among the issues covered in the 416-page binder are: teacher evaluation and development, staff compensation, principal leadership, budget and finance issues, effective communications, and more! Use this to get up to speed on key preK-12 topics and issues and share information with staffers. 416 pages.

Table of Contents
I. School Board and Superintendent Leadership
II. School District Improvement
III. Critical Elements of School Improvement
IV. Developing Principal Leadership
V. Effective Data Use for School Improvement
VI. Effective Teaching: What Does It Look Like?
VII. A Focus on Teacher Development
VIII. Providing Special Supports for Students At Risk
IX. Addressing Tough Issues for Students At Risk
X. Supporting English Language Learners
XI. Addressing the Dropout Challenge
XII. Using RtI in High Schools
XIII. Effective Communication
XIV. Staff Compensation
XV. Budget and Finance Issues

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