Six Pillars of Dynamic Schools

Six Pillars of Dynamic Schools uncovers an often overlooked truth-effective change is the product of hard work and dedication. There is no silver bullet; no matter how many programs, software packages, or new initiatives a district uses, the magic won't just "happen." Dynamic schools result from consistent and redundant focus on the fundamental core elements affecting teachers and students-the premise of Six Pillars of Dynamic Schools. What sets this book apart is its focus on how school leaders do business, instead of on what business leaders should do. Regardless of the methods chosen, there are six fundamental processes-pillars-that must be ongoing within the school and district in order to sustain meaningful change on the road to dynamic schools. The chances of long-term success for school reformation plans that lack even one of these essential pillars are doomed to mediocrity at best and complete failure at worst.

Ideal for use as a book study in a professional learning community, Problem-Based Learning exercises are provided with each chapter to drive discussion and facilitate learning and understanding. 154 pages.

Table of Contents

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