Recruiting and Hiring Effective Teachers: A Behavior-Based Approach

This "how-to" guide provides help in recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-quality teachers. The author outlines the hiring process step by step, from developing job advertisements through writing an offer of employment to providing useful handouts useful handouts of interview questions adaptable for all grade levels and subjects. The report also includes assessment tools for initial paperwork, phone interviews, and onsite interviews, and information on questions and topics to avoid during the interview process. This resource concludes with strategies for acclimating new teachers to the school and greater community and implementing new teacher induction programs. 146 pages.

Table of Contents
1. The Need for Best Interviewing Practice 1
Why Behavior-Based Interviewing? 5
2. The Recruitment Process 9
Online Recruitment 16
Evaluation the Pre-Interview Paperwork 21
Letters of Recommendation 27
Your District's Application 31
4. Creating of the Behavior-Based Interviewing Questions 37
Creation of Questions for Specific Grade-Levels of Subjects 39
What's Important in Hiring Middle School Teachers? 42
BBI Questions for Special Education 43
Questions Based on the INTASC Standards 56
5. Assessment and Rubrics for the Interview Questions
Using PAR to Evaluate Answers 62
Using STAR to Evaluation Answers 64
Other Assessment Instruments 74
6. Preliminary Interview Formats With Behavior-Based Interview 77
The Telephone Interview 78
Use of Email Instead of Calling 82
7. On-Site Behavior-Based Interview Interviews 91
Scenarios for Discussion-On-Site Interviews 108
8. Final Decisions and Negotiations 111
Extending the Job Offer 117
9. Moving Forward to Induction and Mentoring 123
Helping New Teachers Become Established in the the Community 124

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