Improving Instruction with Co-Teaching

In its basic sense, co-teaching is the act of two teachers working together in the same classroom and sharing the responsibility for increasing student achievement within that setting. But while this teaching approach has been utilized mostly in teaming general classroom and special education teachers together, school districts are now discovering that co-teaching can be an effective tool for addressing the needs of gifted and ESL students as well. With its real-world interaction and ability to more effectively tailor the learning process to a student's individual needs, the co-teaching process is quickly becoming a chosen strategy by schools in meeting the requirements of NCLB and IDEA. In this latest edition of the Focus On series, researchers explore the planning time and adjustments necessary to facilitate a co-teaching environment. Examining benefits from both the teacher and student viewpoints, this report highlights the critical components of an effectively co-taught classroom and the barriers that must be overcome in order to ensure student achievement.

Table of Contents
Why Use Co-Teaching? 1
What Does Co-Teaching Look Like? 6
Challenges to Effective Co-Teaching 7
Developing an Effective Co-Teaching Arrangement 9

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