Implementing the Findings of Research: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice

Making effective use of the findings of research has long been a problem for school leaders. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of a number of programs, approaches, and techniques, but the gap between what we know and what we are able to implement is a persistent difficulty in the schools. However, the practice and science of implementation has emerged to more reliably and effectively bridge this gap. This book provides a guide to the conceptual and practical knowledge principals, superintendents, and other school leaders need to implement evidence-based educational innovations.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction: Using Research to Improve Practice 1
II. Adopt, Adapt, or Implement? 11
III. Purveyors 17
IV. Stages of Implementation 23
V. Implementation Drivers: From Staff Selection to Systems Intervention 43
VI. Conclusion 69

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