ERS Supporting Good Teaching Series CD-ROM

Topical briefs included on this Supporting Good Teaching Series CD-ROM are designed to address challenges present in every classroom. This CD includes ready-to-be-reproduced originals on 12 key topics such as classroom management, motivating reluctant learners, and reading instruction. The briefs are research-based and highlight what we know about good practice. Each brief includes a bibliography, a list of additional resources, and, perhaps most important, a concise list of questions for reflection and discussion. The practitioner-based content and the format--eight pages focused on a single topic--combine to make each of the briefs a resource you can use in ways that meet your school's or district's specific needs. Use them with new teachers, in conjunction with staff development, or as conversation-starters for staff meetings. Only available for purchase by K-12 staff. Purchase price includes reproduction rights. CD-ROM with 12 reproducible research briefs.

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