Data-Based Decision Making 2.0

The second edition of this best-selling resource, part of the NAESP Essentials for Principals series, highlights the growing sophistication in the use of data by school leaders for instructional and programmatic decisions. The types of data discussed include classroom and large-scale assessments, early literacy testing, RTI data, observational data, and program evaluations. This analysis also addresses early warning indicators and the preconditions necessary for effective data use. A joint publication of ERS and NAESP. 148 pages.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction 1
II. Preconditions for Effective Data Use 11
III. Developing a Process 23
IV. Using Data to Assess the Effectiveness of School Program 31
V. Using Assessment Data to Improve Instruction 51
VI. Response to Intervention (RTI) and Data Use 67
VII. Using Data to Reduce the Dropout Rate 89
VIII. Using Teacher Observation Data to Improve Instruction 111
IX. Summing Up 133

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