Facts About Students With Emotional Disabilities

Advocates worry students with special education needs such as "emotional disturbance" may be stigmatized in light of the intense spotlight on accused Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz's mental health history. (March 20, 2018)

W.Va. Teachers Strike Emboldens Labor Activists Elsewhere

In states including Arizona, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, teachers turn up the heat in their quest for pay raises, even threatening electoral consequences if lawmakers fail to come through. (March 20, 2018)

Civil Rights Groups Sound the Alarm About Safety Plans After Parkland Shooting

(March 19, 2018)

Puerto Rico’s Students and Educators Grapple With Trauma

(March 19, 2018)

Some Wanted Florida Shooting Suspect Forcibly Committed in 2016

(March 19, 2018)

Student Walkouts

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A 12-Year-Old Protester's Interview Went Viral. Here's His Story

During the #NationalSchoolWalkout, an interview with a 7th grader who protested on the streets of Washington went viral. He shared his experience with Education Week. (March 19, 2018)

Student Privacy Laws Have Been Distorted (And That's a Problem)

Rampant misinformation in the wake of the Parkland shooting highlights the need to reexamine FERPA, writes Frank LoMonte. (March 19, 2018)

How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Transforming Education

Matthew Lynch notes three ways AI is making waves in today's classroom. (March 14, 2018)

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Yearly Reports

Nation's Schools Stuck in 'Average' Range on Annual Report Card

Quality Counts 2018

Education Week’s annual state-by-state assessment of public education paints a portrait of middling performance overall. This is the first of three data-driven Quality Counts packages.
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Global Warming Debate Heats Up

Global warming is a politically charged issue, and now disagreements over the cause of climate change are playing out in science classrooms.
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Digital Directions

Florida Virtual School Reveals Huge Data Breaches

The personal information of more than 368,000 students and 1,800 teachers was compromised, the country’s largest state-run virtual school said. (March 12, 2018)

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Listening Is a Teacher's Most Powerful Tool

In order to break through the noise of students' smartphones, teachers should actually do less talking and more listening, says a 9th grade teacher. (March 7, 2018)

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Market Brief

Feds Pick Calif. Nonprofit as Partner on Open Educational Resources Project

The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education was chosen by the U.S. Department of Education to help promote the #GoOpen network. This story is from EdWeek Market Brief, a service offering business and school leaders actionable insights about the K-12 marketplace. (March 12, 2018)

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