Diplomas Count 2012: Trailing Behind, Moving Forward
Published Online: June 6, 2012
Education Week Presents

Diplomas Count 2012: Trailing Behind, Moving Forward - Latino Students in U.S. Schools

Friday, June 8, 2012 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET

This year, the seventh edition of Education Week's annual Diplomas Count report places a special focus on the experiences of Latino students. Numbering nearly 12.1 million, this group comprises the nation's largest—and also fastest-growing—minority group, accounting for about one of every five public school students. Join us today for a live stream of the release of this critical report.

This release event is built around a combination of real substance, keen insights from American education's leaders, and genuine engagement with an audience of experts, stakeholders, and decision makers. In a set of moderated roundtable discussions, prominent policymakers, commentators, and analysts will grapple with the key issues that have defined and will continue to shape the national education debate. [Download the presentation slides (PDF)]

10:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks
10:15 Sponsor Address
10:30 Displomas Count 2012 Highlights
11:15 The Latino Experience–Past, Present, Future
12:15 Lunch Break
1:00 Reform Strategies
2:00 Concluding Remarks