Beth Reinhard

January 8, 1998 – Education Week
 The city's vaunted downtown renaissance has yet to touch its public schools, and local and state leaders have turned to drastic measures in efforts to reverse decades of failure.

August 6, 1997 – Education Week
 After teaching at Olney High School in Philadelphia for 30 years, Michele Collins was horrified to find out in February that she would be forced to leave.

August 6, 1997 – Education Week
 The Ohio Supreme Court will allow Cleveland's voucher program to continue for another year while it reviews a ruling that said using the scholarship for religious schools is unconstitutional.

July 9, 1997 – Education Week
 More than two years after Ohio took over a Cleveland school system loaded with debt, red tape, and failing students, the legislature is poised to hand the district over to Mayor Michael R. White.

July 9, 1997 – Education Week
 Responding to the Ohio Supreme Court's ruling that his state's school finance system is unconstitutional, Gov. George V. Voinovich is proposing a 1-cent sales-tax hike to generate more money for the public schools.

July 9, 1997 – Education Week
 Ohio lawmakers have voted to bankroll the Cleveland voucher program for the next two years, despite a recent court ruling that using public money to send students to religious schools is unconstitutional and continuing resistance from the state and local teachers' unions.

May 14, 1997 – Education Week
 In rural Pennsylvania, one of the nation's few public boarding schools has offered students a safe haven for more than a century.

February 19, 1997 – Education Week
 Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, troubled by an $8 million deficit and what he calls foot-dragging by the school board, is seeking control of the city's public schools.

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