| Updated: September 5, 2018

State Highlights Reports

The Quality Counts 2018 Highlights Reports capture the key data you need to assess your state's performance. Snapshots from each state’s report can be accessed using the drop-down menu below.

State Highlights Reports are available for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia and compare individual state data to national data. The National Highlights Report includes the national average and data for the top and bottom states.

Quality Counts Highlights Reports
National Summary Report
State Reports:

About these reports:

The 22nd annual edition of Quality Counts continues Education Week’s long-standing tradition of grading the states on their performance. The overall grades for the nation and the states are the average of scores on the three separate indices tracked by the report.

Your report includes:

State Summative Grades

Chance-for-Success Index (2018)
The Chance-for-Success Index combines information from 13 indicators that span a person’s life from cradle to career in order to better understand the role of education across an individual’s lifetime.

School Finance (2018)
The School Finance Analysis examines both school spending and measures of financial equity, which capture the distribution of funding across districts within a state.

K-12 Achievement (2018)
The K-12 Achievement Index scores states based on 18 distinct achievement measures related to reading and math performance, high school graduation rates, and the results of Advanced Placement exams.

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Source: Education Week Research Center, September 2018

Vol. 38, Issue 3