Parent Changemakers: Turning Problems Into Solutions

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Parents’ involvement in their child’s education can make a big difference—spurring better achievement and graduation rates. Here's how some parents are using their voice and organizational muscle to benefit all students.

School Recess | Helping English-Learners | Teacher Home Visits | Special Ed.

Parents Push for (and Win) More School Recess Time

With an increasing emphasis on school testing and academics, Florida elementary schools began dropping recess. Two parents set out to change that.

A Parent’s Campaign to Break Down Barriers for English-Learners

When a language barrier prevents a parent from communicating with the school, the child suffers. A parent in Washington state worked to bring down those barriers. Watch the Spanish version here.

A Parent Makes the Case for Teacher Home Visits

At first, single dad Paul Lumpkin was worried when his daughter’s kindergarten teacher asked to visit them at home. Now he advocates for parent-teacher home visits across the country.

Helping Meet the Needs of Students With Disabilities

Schools are required to set up individualized education programs for students with disabilities, but for families, the process can be confusing and intimidating. In Chicago, some parents offer a helping hand.

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