ERS Practical Tools for District Transformation

Rethinking Resources for Student Success

Education Resource Strategies (ERS) Education Resource Strategies (ERS), a non-profit provider of resources and tools for transformational strategies for schools, has created a series of online self-assessments and resource guides to help more districts through the steps. What are the common mistakes? What actions can districts take? How can districts measure what they have? These self-assessments and resource guides, funded by grants from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Noyce Foundation, are now available online and in print through a partnership with Editorial Projects in Education, publisher of Education Week.

Start with a framework for understanding district transformation.

Seven Strategies for District Transformation
Learn the seven strategies that are integral to sustainable district transformation in this comprehensive resource guide, the first in the series from ERS. The overview provides a quick introduction to seven resource misalignments in school systems — and seven strategies to transform those systems. Download PDF or order printed copies.
How does your district’s resource use measure up to best practices? This online assessment tool helps pinpoint whether a district’s current core reform strategies are transformational and in which areas reallocating resources can have the biggest impact.
These keys areas can help drive transformation in your district. Each link includes a resource guide and online self-assessment to help district leaders find their own best routes to success:

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