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From Corporate Sources

Nestle U.S.A. Inc.
800 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, Calif. 91203

Nestle U.S.A., in conjunction with the Nestle Food Company, the Nestle Beverage Company, Nestle Dairy Systems, and the Stouffer Frozen Food Company, recently donated $1.5 million through the Nestle Quality Education Program to a number of school districts, schools, and educational programs nationwide. The recipients and the amounts are listed below by state.

Arizona. Murphy School District, Phoenix: $10,000; Tucson School District, Tucson: $5,000; Roosevelt School District, Phoenix: $5,000. Arkansas. Bentonville School System, Bentonville: $5,000; Little Rock School System, Little Rock: $5,000; Rogers School System, Rogers: $5,000. California. E. Morris Cox Elementary School, East Oakland: $15,000; Los Angeles Education Partnership, Los Angeles: $15,000; 42nd Street School, Los Angeles: $5,000; San Jose Public Schools, San Jose: $5,000. Colorado. Bryant-Webster Elementary School, Denver: $5,000; Fairview Elementary School, Denver: $5,000; George Washington High School, Denver: $5,000; Munroe Elementary School, Denver: $5,000. Florida. Dade County School District, Miami: $5,000; Duvall County School District, Jacksonville: $5,000; Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa: $5,000; Orange County Public School Board, Orlando: $5,000.

Georgia. Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta: $5,000; Bethesda Elementary School, Lawrenceville: $5,000; Norton Elementary School, Snellville: $5,000; Payton Forrest Elementary School, Atlanta: $5,000. Hawaii. Challenger Center, Department of Education, Leeward District: $20,000. Illinois. Leadership for Quality for Education, Career Links, Chicago: $15,000; M. Jean De La Fayette Elementary School, Chicago: $5,000. Maryland. Dunbar Project, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore: $20,000. Massachusetts. Partnership's Early Childhood Education Program, Boston: $20,000.

Michigan. Beechview Elementary School, Farmington: $5,000; Target School Program, Grand Rapids School District, Grand Rapids: $5,000; Mae C. Jemison Academy, Detroit: $5,000. Minnesota. Lyndale Elementary School, Minneapolis: $10,000; Mt. Sinai Elementary School, Minneapolis: $10,000. Missouri. Genesis School, Kansas City: $20,000; Career Education Program, St. Louis School District, St. Louis: $5,000. New Jersey. Link Community School, Newark: $10,000. New York. New York City School District, New York: $5,000; Public School #77, Buffalo: $20,000; Public School #92, Brooklyn: $5,000; Ronald Edmonds Public Learning Center, Brooklyn: $5,000.

North Carolina. Strengthening Families Initiative Uplift Program, Charlotte-Macklenburg Schools, Charlotte: $20,000. Ohio. Columbus School District, Columbus: Focus/Scope, East Cleveland City Schools, Cleveland: $10,000; Everett Middle School, Columbus: $5,000; Marsh Computers for Schools, Cincinnati: $5,000; Stone Street Elementary School, Louisville: $5,000; Washington Elementary School, Cincinnati: $10,000. Pennslyvania. Downingtown School District, Downingtown: $5,000; Hatboro Horsham School District, Horsham: $5,000; Philadelphia Public School District, Philadelphia: $5,000; Reizenstein Middle School, Pittsburgh: $5,000. Tennessee. Kingsbury Junior High School, Memphis: $5,000. Texas. Houston Independent School District, Houston: $20,000; K.B. Polk Elementary School, Dallas: $10,000; Terrell Independent School District, Dallas: $10,000. Washington. B.F. Day Elementary School, Seattle: $5,000; Denny Middle School, Seattle: $5,000; Rainier Beach High School, Seattle: $5,000; Woodland School, Portland: $5,000.

Philip Morris Companies Inc.
120 Park Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10017

At-risk youths. For a program to identify and recruit at-risk Latino junior high school students to participate in a college-bound project: $132,000 (over three years) to Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo, Calif.
Teacher education. For a college initiative entitled "Building Bridges for Teacher Education,'' to help facilitate the transfer of two-year students interested in teaching careers from a consortium of local community colleges to New York University: $120,000 (over three years) to the New York University School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions, New York City.

NYNEX Corporation
335 Madison Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10017

Science and mathematics. For Project BEST (Better Elementary Science/Mathematics/Technology Teaching), to improve science and math content, instruction, and assessment skills of teachers in grades K-6 throughout the Boston area: $281,000 (over three years) co vj: see ? above to Lesley College, Cambridge, Mass.

Toyota U.S.A. Foundation
19001 South Western Ave.
Torrance, Calif. 90509

Curriculum. To support the enhancement and expansion of "Partners in Prosperity,'' a video curriculum on economic concepts for elementary, middle, and high schools: $30,000 (over three years) to the Kentucky Council on Economic Education, Lexington, Ky.
Engineering. To partially underwrite the summer Research Internship Program, a free six-week engineering program for economically disadvantaged sophomore and junior high school students: $35,000 to the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and the Arts, New York City.
Engineering. To support the summer Engineering Science Concepts for the Classroom program at the Thayer School of Engineering: $50,000 (over two years) to Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.
Environmental education. To underwrite the 1992-93 "Share and Care'' environmental-education program: $60,000 to the Mountains Education Project, Malibu, Calif.

From Private Sources

DeWitt Wallace-
Reader's Digest Fund
261 Madison Ave., 24th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10016

Independent schools. Toward its Independent School Opportunity Program: $399,250 (over three years) to the Ethical Culture-Fieldston Schools, New York City.

Edward E. Ford Foundation
199 Wickenden St.
Providence, R.I. 02903

School libraries. Toward the construction of its new library: $50,000 to the Bryn Mawr School, Providence, R.I.

Innovations in State
and Local Government Program
A. Alfred Taubman Center
79 John F. Kennedy St.
Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Child assistance. For the Child Assistance Program, which offers single-parent families incentives to escape from welfare: $100,000 to the Child Assistance Program, State of New York.
Humanities. For Humanitas, a program that introduces new ways to teach humanities to city students: $100,000 to the Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, Calif.
Vocational education. For CityWorks, a program that redefines the purpose and content of vocational education: $100,000 to CityWorks, Cambridge, Mass.

James Irvine Foundation
1 Market Plaza, Spear Street Tower
San Francisco, Calif. 94105

At-risk children. For start-up of the Young Men's Christian Association Collaborative Project of the Buffum-Downtown Y.M.C.A., a dropout-prevention program: $135,000 to the Y.M.C.A. of Greater Long Beach, Calif.
Black adoption. For organizational development: $48,000 to the Black Adoption Placement and Research Center, Oakland, Calif.
Children's rights. Toward start-up costs for provision of technical assistance to legal and children's services: $100,000 to the Alliance for Children's Rights, Los Angeles, Calif.
Conflict resolution. Toward organizational development and expansion of a program for men and boys working on conflict resolution, violence reduction, and racism: $40,000 to the Oakland Men's Project, Oakland, Calif.
Construction. Toward construction of a new facility in La Quinta, Calif.: $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Coachella Valley Inc., Indio, Calif.
Cultural arts. Toward the start-up of a classical-strings program for a predominantly Hispanic, rural population of young people: $75,000 to the Youth Orchestra of Monterey County, Monterey, Calif.
Cultural arts. Toward scholarship support and to stimulate contributions: $50,000 to the San Francisco Girls Chorus Inc., San Francisco, Calif.
Cultural arts. Toward the Latino Youth Theater Project and the Jubilee Arts Exchange: $30,000 to the Ukiah Players Theater, Ukiah, Calif.

Toshiba America Foundation
375 Park Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10152

Dyslexic and gifted students. To enable 300 gifted and/or dyslexic students to participate in hands-on activities to enhance their study of science and algebra: $5,000 to the Assets School, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mathematics. To establish lending banks of scientific calculators to assist approximately 1,200 students in grades 8-12 in their study of algegra I: $9,995 to the Spring Branch Independent School District, Houston, Tex.
Math and science. To support the Classroom Innovation in Math and Science Program, which provides hands-on learning opportunities for at least 1,500 math and science students in grades 7-12 in the San Francisco area: $10,000 to the San Francisco Education Fund, San Francisco, Calif.
Math and science. For 28 Toshiba Teacher Grants to provide in-class curriculum-related materials that will benefit approximately 700 students from grades 7-12 throughout the Portland (Ore.) School District in their study of math and science: $10,000 to Impact II.
Math and science. To increase student interest in math and science through student-oriented, pilot classroom projects: $5,000 to New York University, New York City.
Marine science. To introduce 50 10th- to 12th-grade students from Wayne, N.J., high schools to the study of marsh, bay, and ocean beach environments: $6,260 to the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium, Fort Hancock, N.J.
Museums. To enable 150 students in grades 7-12 to participate in the Jason IV Project, in which students from five local school districts will design and construct museum exhibits and engage in problem-solving activities related to photosynthetic and chemosynthetic systems: $19,575 to the Denver Museum of Natural History, Denver, Colo.
Oceanography. To enable 1,750 7th- and 8th-grade students from the Tustin Unified School District to participate in the Jason Project, an oceanographic science-discovery program: $12,270 to the Tustin Public Schools Foundation, Santa Ana, Calif.
Science. To introduce 400 students in grades 7-12 to a science microlab to aid the study of genetics, cellular biology, and microbiology: $13,560 to the Fabens Independent School District, Fabens, Tex.
Science. To enable approximately 3,000 minority and economically disadvantaged students in grades 6-9 from six school districts in the New York area to participate in the Toshiba Classroom Scholarships for Science program: $10,000 to the New York Hall of Science, New York City.
Science. For the Science Challenge Classrooms Project, which will provide 1,150 at-risk high school students with specialized instruction in the physical and life sciences: $8,500 to the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Houston, Tex.
Science. To enable approximately 200 youngsters, ages 11-14, to participate in the Science, Mathematics and Relevant Technology (SMART) Project at seven Young Women's Christian Association centers throughout metropolitan Chicago: $16,440 (second year of a three-year, $50,000 commitment) to Girls Inc., Chicago, Ill.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
400 North Ave.
Battle Creek, Mich. 49017

Black males. To improve access to higher education for black male students by establishing rent-free housing and counseling and providing a tutorial program for disadvantaged elementary school students: $46,000 to the Southern Scholarship Foundation, Tallahassee, Fla.
Critical thinking. To provide 5th- and 6th-grade students with critical-thinking skills through the use of business simulations and active business experience: $46,100 to the University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla.
Educational excellence. To recognize the role K-12 schools play in the community and to honor outstanding student performance by sponsoring an "Excellence in Education Day 1992'': $12,000 to the Harper Creek Community Schools, Battle Creek, Mich.; $16,500 to the Lakeview School District, Battle Creek, Mich.; and $36,000 to the School District of the City of Battle Creek, Battle Creek, Mich.
Educational materials. To purchase preschool-age materials, parenting materials, and video equipment to be used by parents and staff members through a "lending library'': $15,000 to the Newaygo County Intermediate School District, White Cloud, Mich.
Education outreach. To provide outreach programs for hard-to-reach youths on Indian reservations and in schools, shopping malls, rural sites, and homeless shelters: $46,100 to the Newaygo County Intermediate School District, White Cloud, Mich.
Food systems. To enhance the educational strategies and improve the academic achievement of youths through hands-on learning about agriculture and the environment: $49,941 to Better Living Inc., Genesee, Idaho.
Middle schools. To help students develop positive intellectual, emotional, physical, and social skills through support of a model middle school program: $24,000 to the Ishpeming School District #1, Ishpeming, Mich.
School readiness. To enhance school readiness by providing technical assistance, including both analysis of state services and the development of state action plans: $318,551 to the National Governors' Association Center for Policy Research, Washington. D.C.
Self-esteem. To improve self-esteem for youths through a preschool program involving parents and a K-5 instructional program: $129,179 to the Hillsdale Community Schools, Hillsdale, Mich.
Early childhood. Toward the Early Childhood Project, a study of the capacity of state-run, early-child-care programs to serve a diverse population: $125,000 to California Tomorrow Inc., San Francisco, Calif.
Family care. Toward the salary of a director for the Familycare Project, an integrated-services project: $150,000 to the Los Angeles Educational Partnership, Los Angeles, Calif.
Health. For the countywide Access to Health Services for Low-Income Children Project: $20,000 to the Los Angeles Roundtable for Children, Los Angeles, Calif.
Health. For a report based on data from the Systems Capacity Task Force of the AB 99 Steering Committee to improve health-service delivery to women and children: $20,000 to Suter Community Hospitals of Sacramento, Calif.
Inner-city youths. For the salary of a development director and a study on the program's impact on inner-city youths: $65,000 to the Saint Joseph Ballet Company, Santa Ana, Calif.
Parenting skills. Toward a van for a parenting-skills program: $10,000 to the Mother's Club Community Center Inc., Pasadena, Calif.
Perinatal care. Toward the Maternal and Child Health Advocacy Project in Los Angeles, Calif.: $100,000 to the University of San Diego, Calif.
Youth development. Toward start-up of the Franklin Middle School Project, a satellite youth-development program: $175,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Long Beach, Calif.
Youth leadership. For a planning grant on the feasibility of a statewide, year-round, youth-leadership program: $15,000 to Encampment for Citizenship, Berkeley, Calif.
Youth-job placement. Toward the Bayshore Workers Project, a youth-job-placement program: $50,000 to Bayshore Employment Service Inc., East Palo Alto, Calif.

From Federal Sources

U.S. Education Department
400 Maryland Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20024

The U.S. Education Department recently awarded $4.8 million for 24 projects to help meet the special education needs of gifted and talented students who are economically disadvantaged, have limited English skills, or have disabilities. The projects and their amounts are listed below by state.

California. San Diego City Schools, Project First Step, San Diego: $200,000. Georgia. Atlanta Public Schools, Full Potential Seed Project, Atlanta: $255,504; Gwinnett County Public Schools, Breaking Traditional Barriers, Lawrenceville: $211,073. Indiana. Indiana University, Project Spring II, Bloomington: $248,183. Kentucky. Western Kentucky University, Restructuring Primary Gifted Education, Bowling Green: $245,849; Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Project Discovery, Louisville: $233,018. Maryland. Montgomery County Public Schools, Multiple Intelligences, Rockville: $223,841.

Massachusetts. Merrimack Education Center, Regional Electronic Magnet School Project, Chelmsford: $265,893; City of Chelsea Public Schools, Learning Unlimited, Chelsea: $238,121. New Jersey. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Early Identification and Enrichment, Piscataway: $168,857. New York. Community School District #9, Project Cue, New York City: $234,025; Community School District #18, Javits 7+ Program, New York City: $177,432. North Carolina. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, Project Start, Charlotte: $248,936; Wake Forest University Law School, Center for R&D in Law-Related Education, Winston-Salem: $173,588. Ohio. Ohio Department of Education, Comprehensive In-service Training Program, Columbus: $208,963; Wright State University, Teacher and Parent Interaction, Dayton, Ohio: $189,346.

Oklahoma. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Gifted and Talented Summer Program, Tahlequah: $54,349; University of Tulsa, Center for Arts and Sciences, Tulsa: $203,793. Pennsylvania. School District of Pittsburgh, K-3 Gifted Project, Pittsburgh: $193,264. South Carolina. South Carolina Department of Education, Gifted and Talented Students Education Program, Columbia: $128,785. Virginia. Council for Exceptional Children, National Training Program for Gifted Education, Reston: $195,758; College of William and Mary, National Dissemination Science Curriculum Project, Williamsburg: $232,816. Washington. University of Washington, Identifying and Nurturing Early Mathematical Talent, Seattle: $201,808; University of Puget Sound, Challenging Upper Elementary and Middle School Gifted Students, Tacoma: $160,800.

The U.S. Education Department recently awarded $8 million in grants to support library literacy projects in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The libraries and their amounts are listed below by state.

Alabama. Anniston and Calhoun Library, Anniston: $23,688; Clyde Nix Public Library, Hamilton: $35,000; Pickens County Cooperative Library, Pickens: $30,000. Alaska. Fairbanks Borough Public Library, Fairbanks: $35,000. Arizona. Casa Grande City Library, Casa Grande: $30,300; Chandler Public Library, Chandler: $34,645; Camp Verde Public Library, Camp Verde: $32,100; Gila County Library District, Miami: $11,459; Flagstaff City-Coconino County Library, Flagstaff: $34,962; Nogales/Santa Cruz County Public Library, Nogales: $34,927; Yuma County Library District, Yuma: $34,900. Arkansas. Arkansas River Valley Regional Library, Dardanelle: $22,850; Faulkner County Library, Conway: $13,000; Grant County Library, Sheridan: $20,065.

California. Auburn Placer County Library, Auburn: $31,776; Beaumont District Library, Beaumont: $33,097; Chula Vista Public Library, Chula Vista: $32,800; Colton Public Library, Colton: $24,826; Colusa County Free Library, Colusa: $35,000; Alameda County Library, Adult Literacy/E.S.L. Collection, Fremont: $34,438; Alameda County Library, Adult Literacy/Workplace Literacy, Fremont: $34,547; Alameda County Library, Adult Literacy/Small Group: $34,815; Huntington Beach Library, Huntington Beach: $35,000; Amador County Library, Jackson: $35,000; Livermore Public Library, Livermore: $34,969; Glendora Library, Los Angeles: $33,064; Menlo Park Public Library, Project Read-Computer Lab, Menlo Park: $34,926; Merced County Library, Merced: $35,000; Napa City-County Library, Napa: $34,800; Oakland Public Library, Oakland: $33,300; Orange Public Library, Orange: $35,000; Pala Band of Mission Indians Tribal Library, Pala: $34,030; Contra Costa County Library, Project Second Chance-Learn Center, Pleasant Hill: $33,800; Coyote Valley Tribal Community Library, Redwood Valley: $35,000; Redwood City Public Library, Redwood: $35,000; Monterey County Free Libraries, Salinas: $34,219; Salinas Public Library, Project Retention, Salinas: $32,005; Salinas Public Library, Staff Support, Salinas: $34,227; San Francisco Public Library, Project Read-Recruiting Tutors, San Francisco: $29,033; Santa Clara Public Library, San Jose: $129,428; San Francisco Public Library, Project Read-Support for Adult Learning: $34,530; Santa Clara Public Library, San Jose: $35,000; Marin County Free Library, San Rafael: $35,000; San Rafael Public Library, San Rafael: $35,000; Blanchard Community Library, Santa Paula: $28,920; Tuolumne County Library System, Tuolumne: $35,000.

Colorado. Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs: $6,876; Delta County Public Library, Delta: $21,971; Colorado Department of Education, Denver: $34,980; Durango Public Library, Durango: $34,860; Eagle County Public Library, Eagle: $33,565; Fort Collins Public Library, Fort Collins: $35,000; Mesa County Public Library, Grand Junction: $35,000; Heginbotham Library, Holyoke: $30,780; Loveland Public Library, Loveland: $33,470; Garfield County Public Library, New Castle; Security Public Library, Security: $17,000. Connecticut. Bugbee Memorial Library, Danielson: $35,000; Groton Public Library, Groton: $32,619; Connecticut State Library, Hartford: $25,400; Meriden Public Library, Meriden: $34,500; New Britain Institute, New Britain: $35,000; Stratford Library Association, Stratford: $33,663. Delaware. Kent County Department of Library Services, Dover: $35,000; Wilmington Institute Library, Wilmington: $35,000. District of Columbia. District of Columbia Public Library, Washington: $5,727.

Florida. Calhoun County Library (with five other libraries): $5,727; Wakulla County Public Library, Crawfordville: $34,400; Broward County Library, Student Service Coordination, Fort Lauderdale: $32,426; Broward County Library, Expansion Study-Mizell Library, Fort Lauderdale: $35,000; Columbia County Public Library, Lake City: $25,346; Miami Dade Public Library System, Miami: $35,000; Central Florida Regional Library, Ocala: $31,011; Bay County Public Library Association, Panama City: $30,000. Georgia. Lake Blackshear Regional Library, Americus: $34,929; West Georgia Regional Library, Carrollton: $20,100; Conyers-Rockdale Library System, Conyers: $11,100; DeKalb County Public Library, Decatur: $34,824; Ocmulgee Regional Library, Eastman: $35,000; Wayne County Library, Jesup: $35,000; Brooks County Public Library, Quitman: $27,920; Sara Hightower Regional Library, Rome: $35,000; Screven-Jenkins Regional Library, Sylvania: $10,137; Coastal Plain Regional Library, Tifton: $35,000. Hawaii. Hawaii State Public Library System, Hilo Public Library, Honolulu: $34,500; Hawaii State Public Library System, Makawao Public Library, Honolulu: $19,300.

Illinois. Chicago Public Library, Chicago: $15,500. Indiana. Anderson/Stony Creek, Union Township, Anderson: $34,805; Indianapoli/Marion County Public Library, Indianapolis: $35,000; Lowell Public Library, Lowell: $34,712; Johnsburg Public Library District, McHenry: $34,996; Michigan City Public Library, Michigan City: $6,000; Wayne Township/Morrison Reeves, Richmond: $35,000; St. Charles Public Library, St. Charles: $24,500; Vigo County Public Library, Terre Haute: $33,812; Knox County Public Library, Vicennes: $28,145. Iowa. Public Library of Des Moines, Des Moines: $32,050. Kansas. Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City: $16,142; Johnson County Library, Shawnee Mission: $32,800. Kentucky. Breathitt County Public Library, Jackson: $34,986; Harlan County Public Library, Harlan: $15,530; Hopkinsville/Christian County Public Library, Hopkinsville: $18,000; Laurel County Public Library District, London: $35,000; Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville: $35,000; Oldham County Public Library, LaGrange: $19,304.

Louisiana. Allen Parish Libraries, Oberlin: $26,200; Calcasieu Parish Library, Lake Charles: $35,000; Claiborne Parish Public Library, Homer: $25,000; Evangeline Parish Library, Staff Training, Ville Platte: $35,000; Evangeline Parish Library, Literacy Project, Ville Platte: $35,000; New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans: $34,932; Ouachita Parish Public Library, Monroe: $35,000; St. Mary Parish Library, Franklin: $35,000. Maine. Dyer Library Association, Sanford: $26,745; Fort Kent Public Library, Fort Kent: $28,998; Sanford Library Association, Sanford: $34,980. Maryland. Anne Arundel County Public Library, Annapolis: $18,140; Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland: $35,000; Enoch Pratt Free Library, State Prison Branch, Baltimore: $35,000; Enoch Pratt Free Library, Broadway Lifelong Learning Library, Baltimore: $33,490.

Massachusetts. Cary Memorial Library, Lexington: $34,144; Chicopee Public Library, Chicopee: $34,500; Fall River Public Library, Fall River: $31,562; Fitchburg Public Library, Fitchburg: $34,892; Holyoke Public Library, Holyoke: $35,000; Lee Library Association, Lee: $35,000; Plymouth Public Library, Plymouth: $30,223. Michigan. Adrian Public Library, Adrian: $34,999; Bay County Library System, Bay City: $17,367; Flint Public Library, Flint: $32,800; Greenville Public Library, Greenville: $29,255; Jackson District Library, Jackson: $35,000; Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo: $35,000; Library Cooperative of Macomb, Mt. Clemens: $34,930; Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale: $33,313; Pigeon District Library, Pigeon: $34,366; Ypsilanti District Library, Ypsilanti: $34,729. Minnesota. Carver County Library System, Chaska: $25,000; Minnesota Valley Regional Library, Mankato: $34,070. Mississippi. Bolivar County Library, Cleveland: $34,160; Elizabeth Jones Library, Grenada: $35,000; Madison County-Canton Public Library, Canton: $35,000; Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System, Kosciusko: $33,080; Mississippi Library Commission, Jackson: $25,000. Missouri. Barry-Lawrence Regional Library, Monett: $34,600; River Bluffs Regional Library, St. Joseph: $20,800.

Montana. Bitterroot Public Library, Hamilton: $23,560; Butte-Silver Bow Public Library, Butte: $34,593; Lewiston City Library, Lewiston: $34,141; Montana State Library, Helena: $35,000; Rocky Boy Community Public Library, Box Elder: $35,000. Nebraska. Columbus Public Library, Columbus: $29,675. Nevada. Nevada State Library Archives, Carson City: $35,000. New Hampshire. Fuller Public Library, Hillsboro: $26,741; Hillstown Library Cooperative, Bedford: $29,080; Moosilake Public Library, North Woodstock: $31,719; New Hampshire State Library, Concord: $35,000. New Jersey. Camden County Library (with Camden City Library), Voorhees: $61,084; Elizabeth Public Library, Elizabeth: $30,000; Irvington Public Library, Irvington: $33,500; Jersey City Public Library, Jersey City: $35,000; Old Bridge Public Library, Old Bridge: $57,069; Paterson Free Public Library, Paterson: $25,000. New Mexico. Albuquerque Public Library, Albuquerque: $24,200; Belen Public Library, Belen: $35,000; Harwood Public Library, Taos: $33,151; New Mexico State Library, Santa Fe: $32,845.

New York. Amsterdam Free Library, Amsterdam: $29,620; Brentwood Public Library, Brentwood: $35,000; Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn: $34,890; Guernsey Memorial Library, Norwich: $24,730; Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library, Shirley: $34,234; Mid-York Library System, Utica: $22,712; New York Public Library, New York: $35,000; Onondaga County Public Library, County Literacy Coalition, Syracuse: $23,448; Queens-Borough Public Library, Jamaica: $35,000; Riverhead Free Library, Suffolk: $34,888; Southern Tier Library System, Corning: $34,326. North Carolina. Ashe County Library System, West Jefferson: $35,000; Asheville Buncombe Library System, Asheville: $24,265; H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library, Henderson: $16,000; Watauga County Library, Boone: $35,000. Ohio. Clark County Public Library, Springfield: $26,750; Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma: $10,673; Wood County District Public Library, Bowling Green: $35,000. Oklahoma. Anadarko Community Library, Anadarko: $28,918; Buckley Public Library, Poteau: $24,697; Choctaw County Library, Hugo: $34,640; Lawton Public Library, Lawton: $32,000; Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Oklahoma City: $34,455; Southern Prairie Library System, Altus.

Oregon. Eugene Public Library, Eugene: $34,994. Pennsylvania. Bayard Public Library, Kennett Square: $16,757; Branford Area Public Library, Branford: $33,699; Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia: $35,000; Indiana Free Library, Indiana: $31,395; J. Lewis Crozer Library, Chester: $33,000; Lebanon County Library System, Lebanon: $21,950; Pottsville Free Public Library, Pottsville: $25,199. Puerto Rico. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Hato Rey: $35,000. Rhode Island. Coventry Public Library, Coventry: $17,041; East Providence Public Library, East Providence: $29,100; Westerly Memorial Library Association, Westerly: $28,418; Pawtucket Public Library, Pawtucket: $26,962; Providence Public Library, Family Literacy, Providence: $35,000; Providence Public Library, Family Writing Center, Providence: $26,962.

South Carolina. Chester County Library, Chester: $35,000. Tennessee. Public Library of Nashville and Davidson County, Nashville: $13,180. Texas. Andrews County Library, Andrews: $35,000; Corpus Christi Public Libraries, Corpus Christi: $35,000; Dallas Public Library, Dallas: $33,718; Decatur Public Library, Decatur: $35,000; Delta County Public Library, Cooper: $34,958; Ector County Library, Odessa: $35,000; El Paso Public Library, El Paso: $35,000; Emily Fowler Public Library, Adult Literacy Project-Expansion, Denton: $29,240; Emily Fowler Public Library, Adult Literacy Project, Denton: $33,582; Fort Bend County Libraries, Richmond: $30,366; Franklin County Public Library, Mt. Vernon: $35,000; Harris County Public Library, Houston: $30,893; Houston Public Library, Houston: $30,893; Houston Public Library, Houston: $34,362; San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio: $34,971; Smithville Public Library, Smithville: $34,905; Sterling Municipal Library, Baytown: $35,000; Tom Green County Library System, San Angelo: $29,500; Tyler Public Library, Tyler: $34,973; Unger Memorial Library, Plainview: $19,453; Upshur County Public Library, Gilmer: $35,000; Weslaco Public Library, Weslaco: $33,430.

Utah. Brigham City Library, Brigham City: $13,210; Logan Library, Logan: $23,500; Price City Library, Price: $21,850; Provo City Library, Provo: $32,400. Virginia. Appomattox Regional Library, Hopewell: $27,250; Blue Ridge Regional Library, Martinsville: $24,115; Botetourt County Library, Roanoke: $26,464; Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Charlottesville: $24,825; Lonesome Pine Regional Library, Wise: $35,000; Loudon County Public Library, Leesburg: $25,555; Rockbridge Regional Library, Lexington: $34,728; Smyth-Bland Regional Library, Marion: $35,000. Washington. Longview Public Library, Longview: $33,762; Lummi Reservaton Library System, Bellingham: $34,473; Upper Skagit Indian Tribe, Education Department, Sedro Valley: $35,000. West Virginia. Fayette County Public Libraries, Oak Hill: $35,000; Hamlin-Lincoln County Public Library, Hamlin: $27,794; Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library, Martinsburg: $35,000; Monroe County Library (with Peterstown Public Library), Union: $69,996; Raleigh County Public County, Beckley: $35,000; Summers County Public Library, Hinton: $32,280. Wisconsin. Dane County Library Service, Madison; Oshkosh Public Library, Oshkosh: $26,545. Wyoming. Freemont County Library, Lander: $17,125; Washakie County Library, Worland: $5,302.

Vol. 12, Issue 10

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