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How Districts Are Helping Teachers Get Better at Tech Under Coronavirus How Districts Are Helping Teachers Get Better at Tech Under Coronavirus
Educators are struggling to learn how to use new tech tools—devices, apps, software, and online textbooks—in greater volume than ever before. Read more.
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Give your students a FREE online Attitude Module
Now more than ever, soft skills are critical to success. With so much uncertainty in these unprecedented times, it is challenging to maintain a positive attitude. Soft Skills High understands this and would like to give you and your students a gift during this time. Learn More.

8th Graders Don't Know Much About History, National Exam Shows
There was no good news for social studies instruction in the latest national assessment results: 8th graders’ performance plunged in history, dipped in geography, and stayed flat in civics. Read more.
Video: 'Tips for Remote Teaching With ELL Students' Video: 'Tips for Remote Teaching With ELL Students'
Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., offers advice to teachers working with ELL students in a remote environment. Read more.

Essential Assessment: Six Tenets
Developing one’s assessment literacy—that is, understanding the principles and processes of sound assessment practices—is the most efficient and effective professional investment any educator can make. Teaching without assessment is not really teaching; it’s delivering information. Read more

What the Coronavirus Means for Grandparent Caretakers
More than 3 million U.S. children are cared for by a grandparent, writes researcher Jacob Alonso. These families are particularly vulnerable now. Read more.
What the Coronavirus Means for Grandparent Caretakers Autism Amid Uncertainty: Expert Advice for Parents and Teachers
A leading autism researcher and former special education teacher offers advice to help students cope with the abrupt changes brought on by the novel coronavirus outbreak. Read more.
Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
Track where schools are closed and their status for reopening. Read more.
Correction: Some versions of yesterday's EdWeek Update included an incorrect spelling of Yasmin Peña's name. We regret the error.

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1. Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
2. Exhausted and Grieving: Teaching During the Coronavirus Crisis
3. Should Teachers Be Evaluated During Coronavirus School Shutdowns?
4. Stumped by How to Best Serve Students With At-Home Learning? Follow the Evidence (Opinion)
5. One State Polls the Public on Whether to Reopen Schools

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