U.S. Supreme Court Decisions About Teachers’ Union Dues

May 28, 1997 1 min read

Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (1977): Teachers--and by extension other public employees--may be required to pay union dues as a condition of employment when those dues are used for collective bargaining and other administrative purposes. However, the union cannot use those funds for political purposes that are not directly related to collective bargaining.

Chicago Teachers Union, Local No. 1 v. Hudson (1986): Nonunion members paying so-called agency fees are entitled to have their objections to the amount of the fee addressed in an expeditious manner. In addition, the union is required to supply nonunion members with adequate information about the method by which the agency fee was calculated.

Lehnert v. Ferris Faculty Association (1991): Nonunion members paying agency fees are not required to pay for political lobbying and public relations efforts, except those directly related to collective bargaining.