Stricter Certification Is Sought for Coaches

November 04, 1987 1 min read

Insufficient professional preparation of coaches heightens the risk of physical harm for students in interscholastic athletic programs, the authors of a study on certification standards for coaches have warned.

Citing the results of a new survey they conducted for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Edu4cation, Recreation, and Dance, the researchers, Becky L. Sisley and Diane M. Wiese, said there were wide disparities in states’ certification requirements for school athletic staffs.

The survey, which was published in the September issue of the Journal of Physical Education, Recrea8tion, and Dance, revealed that only five states require coaches to receive special certification in addition to a teaching certificate.

Only half the states require all coaches to hold a valid teaching certificate, it found, while 12 states require neither a teaching certifiel15lcate nor a coaching certificate for any of their coaches. Furthermore, the survey indicated, regulations governing the hiring of interscholastic coaches have become less stringent in recent years.

Only 31 states currently require head coaches to be certified as teachers, it found, compared with 39 states in 1980.

Noting that coaches play an important role in conducting a safe and educationally sound athletic program, the authors called upon professional organizations, institutions of higher education, and state and local agencies to take steps to raise the standards for the training and hiring of school coaches of all kinds nationwide.--jw

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States Requiring TeacherCertificates for Coaches|

All Coaches

Alabama Nevada

Alaska New Jersey

Arkansas New York

Colorado Oklahoma

Delaware South Dakota

Georgia Tennessee

Illinois Texas

Kansas Utah

Kentucky Virginia

Maryland West Virginia

Mississippi Wisconsin

Missouri Wyoming


Head Coaches

Arizona New Mexico

Idaho North Carolina

Minnesota South Carolina

All Major-Sport Coaches

Florida Louisiana

Major-Sport Head Coaches

Iowa Montana


States Having NoCertification RequirementsFor Coaches|

All Coaches

Hawaii North Dakota

Indiana Ohio

Maine Oregon

Massachu- Pennsyl-

setts vania

Michigan Rhode Island


Hampshire Vermont

Assistant Coaches

Arizona Idaho

Minor-Sport Coaches

Florida Louisiana

A version of this article appeared in the November 04, 1987 edition of Education Week as Stricter Certification Is Sought for Coaches