October 16, 1991 2 min read

Librarians seeking materials on multicultural themes and issues should note the upcoming January 1992 debut of MultiCultural Review, a quarterly journal to be devoted to providing information on reading and research sources in this area.

Each issue will contain articles on multicultural scholarship and librarianship; reviews by subject specialists; and listings of relevant books, periodicals, and audio/video offerings available to libraries.

Topics to be explored in early issues include serving the English-as-a-Second-Language community, cross-cultural censorship, developing juvenile collections, and finding the right online system.

Inquiries may be sent to MultiCultural Review, Greenwood Publishing Group, 10 Bay St., Dept. 205, Westport, Conn. 06880.

Issues of race, culture, and ethnicity are examined from a more conservative vantage point in Diversity: A Critical Journal of Race and Culture, which made its debut in September.

Published by a multi-racial group of young writers with the help of the Madison Center for Educational Affairs in Washington, the quarterly provides in its first issue an interview by Dinesh D’Seuza of the U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, as well as observations on art and ethnicity and all-black-male schools (cast as a remedy “that will probably kill the patient”).

A free introductory-subscription offer is in effect through the end of the year; call 800-225-2862.

AIDs, drugs, relationships, and self-esteem are among the topics addressed by Rodale’s STRAIGHT TALK, a quarterly magazine for teenagers which also made its debut in September.

The journal is published by Rodale Press, a leading health-and-fitness publisher, with the endorsement of the National Education Association. It marks the first time that the N.E.A., which publishes materials for educators, has endorsed a youth-oriented magazine.

To be devoted broadly to teenage health concerns, each issue of Straight Talk will explore as a theme different subject areas affecting young people today. The September issue focuses on AIDS, featuring articles describing the disease, interviews with teenagers affected by the virus, and informational cartoons. The November issue will examine issues of self-esteem.

Available at newsstands for $3.95, discount subscriptions and discussion guides are available to educators and youth-health organizations. For information, contact Rodale Press Inc., 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, Pa. 18098. ---S.K.G.

A version of this article appeared in the October 16, 1991 edition of Education Week as Publishing