Other Resources

January 01, 1998 1 min read

Listed below are some other sources of software evaluations and reviews.

Booklist. The magazine of the American Library Association, Booklist reviews software and publishes each January a list of its “Editors’ Choices” for CD-ROMs and other media. To see the list, go to Subscription cost: $69.50. For general information about Booklist, contact: American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. For subscriptions, contact: Booklist, 434 W. Downer, Aurora, IL 60506; (630) 892-7465.

California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse. A collaboration of the state and local governments in California, the clearinghouse coordinates the review of software by more than 900 educators trained in the evaluation of software. The clearinghouse’s Web site at contains only reviews of software that has been favorably reviewed by at least two educators who are experienced technology users.

Children’s Software Revue. This independent, bi-monthly newsletter is written for parents and teachers of children ages 2 to 14 and includes reviews and articles on trends in software. Cost: $29 for six issues. Contact: (800) 993-9499. The Revue also operates a Web site at that features a searchable database of more than 2,800 reviews.

Only the Best: The Annual Guide to the Highest-Rated Educational Software and Multimedia. Each year, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development surveys state education departments, individual school districts, and other credible evaluators of children’s software and compiles this collection of profiles of the programs that receive high marks. The 1997-98 edition features 71 titles. Cost: $25 for members, $29 for nonmembers. A CD-ROM with all the Only the Best titles since 1990 is $125 for members, $150 for nonmembers. Discounts are available for some bulk purchases.

SuperKids Educational Software Review. This free, on-line newsletter features reviews based on evaluations by teams of teachers, parents, and kids. It includes articles as well as a searchable database of ratings and reviews. Although the Review is supported by advertising, the publication does not accept software companies as sponsors. Go to