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September 01, 1992 1 min read

Question Of Balance

I realize that a professional magazine cannot be all things to all people, but the April issue of Teacher Magazine carried two articles that should have been treated more objectively.

“Unfriendly Fire” publicized the coalition of anti-military activists who seek to ban recruitment and other military practices from high school campuses. Opposing views were given a fraction of the coverage and no picture. The pro-activist picture shown displays an irresponsible sign, “Military Recruiters Lie.” This is propaganda at its worst.

“The Fear Of Sex,” a commentary article, wrongfully equates prudence with “fear” in the area of sexual education. The author, Pamela Wilson, is a board member of Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, which is known for its liberal-permissive sexual values. She sympathizes with a 3rd grade teacher whose students questioned the wisdom—and ethics—of showing them a film that included a “brief shot” of a baby’s actual birth. Disapproval, to the author, means a totally negative attitude toward a woman’s anatomy. Modesty is denounced; chastity isn’t mentioned. No opposing view is given.

As our nation splits between those who hold traditional values and those who do not, our schools—and educators—become part of mounting social problems rather than helpers in solving them. Your magazine should balance controversial articles within each issue.

Arlene Hamm
7th Grade Teacher
Fishkill, N.Y.

A version of this article appeared in the September 01, 1992 edition of Teacher as Letters