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Letters to the Editor

September 06, 1989 1 min read

It is not surprising that the usual advocates of tax support for sectarian private schools--John E. Koons, Stephen D. Sugarman, Stephen Arons, William B. Ball, and others--would try to use disadvantaged children as an opening wedge for their voucher plan (“Voucher Plan for Disadvantaged Pursued in Kansas City Lawsuit,” Aug. 2, 1989).

The lobby for aid to parochial schools has used that tactic for years.

It won’t work in this case, either. Even if a Reaganized Supreme Court might favor overturning the precedents against tax aid for sectarian schools, the Missouri state constitution clearly bars such aid.

Voters over the past 22 years have consistently opposed voucher plans and other parochial-aid schemes.

The Nixon and Ford Administrations could not even bribe school districts into a voucher experiment involving sectarian schools.

The money to be wasted on this coming litigation would be better spent improving public education.

Edd Doerr
Executive Director
Americans for Religious Liberty
Silver Spring, Md.

How wonderfully refreshing and timely to read Herbert R. Adams’s “‘Revelations’ of Return to Classroom” (Commentary, Aug. 2, 1989).

Mr. Adams’s vivid descriptions of the impact of social conditions and attitudes on life in classrooms should be required reading for chief executive officers in the know.

Jimmie R. Applegate
School of Professional Studies
Central Washington University
Ellensburg, Wash.

A version of this article appeared in the September 06, 1989 edition of Education Week as Letters to the Editor