On The Web

May 01, 1999 2 min read

Following is a list of World Wide Web sites that teachers and their students may find helpful.

Web Searching.

The federal Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education has created Searching the Web, a training tool for teachers. The site provides information and examples for both novice and experienced Web searchers. Topics covered include question analysis, search strategies, and search engines.

Lesson Plans.

Elementary school teachers can find energy-related curriculum aids on the Educator Web Site from the Alliance to Save Energy, a coalition that promotes the efficient and clean use of energy. Lesson plans about energy conservation, efficiency, and sources can be incorporated into math, science, language arts, and computer curricula.

Literature And Photography.

DoubleTake , a magazine for writing and photography edited by child psychologist Robert Coles and published by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, has created the DoubleTake Online Classroom Companion. DoubleTake ‘s archives of photography, poetry, fiction, and essays are divided into thematic units that correspond to common high school curricula. A subject index, activity manual, and feedback area for sharing learning strategies are designed to help teachers create lessons.

Geography And Culture.

Peace Corps has launched Kids World, an expansion to its Web site that is designed to educate middle school children about geography and the cultures of other countries. Students can learn about a child’s typical day in a different country, send electronic postcards, read folk tales from around the world, and test their geography skills.

Rainforest Conservation.

Rainforest Action Network, a nonprofit environmental organization, announces Kids’ Corner. An eight-step guide explains how children can get involved in saving endangered rainforests. The site also features a question-and-answer forum about rainforest deforestation. Other sections contain information about the animals of the rainforest.

Teaching The Internet.

Online-industry veterans and parents Jim Teicher and Mala Bawer-Teicher have launched CyberSmart! School Program, a site designed to provide K-12 teachers with resources and information about Internet safety, manners, advertising, research, and technology. Teachers can use the site’s instructional framework as a guide to prepare lessons.

Learning Network.

The New York Times Learning Network is a news and education resource for grades 6-12 teachers and students. It features news summaries and archives, vocabulary and geography builders, news quizzes, monthly crossword puzzles, and opportunities to interact with Times editors and reporters. Teachers can find daily lesson plans and interactive resources based on the newspaper’s content.