On the Web

April 01, 1999 3 min read

Following is a list of World Wide Web sites that teachers and their students may find helpful.

Teachers’ Network.

The 21st Century Teachers Network project is a national network of teachers interested in educational technology. The site aims to help teachers develop new skills and integrate technology into their teaching. It features eight sections including: highlights of recent technology news; a calendar of workshops, conferences, and other events; and a library. The required registration is free. [Ed. Note, 10-24-01: Site no longer available.]

Virtual Academy.

AT&T announces the AT&T Learning Network Virtual Academy, a resource for online professional-development opportunities and courses that focus on technology. Teachers and educators can review course descriptions and apply or register for certificate programs, continuing education units, college courses, and graduate degree programs offered at George Washington University, Montana State University at Bozeman, the Western Governors University, and other institutions.

Urban Resource.

DaimlerChrysler Corp., in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, announces the Cyber-Youth Network, an online resource for urban students and teachers. The interactive site includes Associated Press stories of urban success; a magazine featuring articles by students; tutorials; school and community news for students; and curriculum-specific lesson plans and resources.

Academic Challenge., the site of the commercial television news program for high schools, introduces the United States Academic Decathlon, a daily academic challenge. An exam question will be posted each weekday to test students’ knowledge in math, science, language and literature, social science, fine arts, and economics. Answers will be posted each Monday, and students who answer all five questions correctly will qualify for prizes.

Art Projects.

Artist and art teacher Carolyn Holm announces a site tied to her book, Everyday Art for Kids . Each month, a project designed to promote creativity in children is featured with instructions and examples. Teachers can find tips for integrating the project into the classroom, as well as additional ideas and projects.


Two parents, James Frieden and Deborah Elliott, maintain the Teach With Movies site to help parents and teachers choose feature-length movies that educate children and supplement school curriculum. The site features short guides to roughly 170 movies that could be a springboard to discussing major events of U.S. and Western history; extraordinary men and women who shaped the world; great achievements of Western Civilization; great works of music, dance, drama, literature, and the visual arts; and character issues facing children as they mature. The guide discusses benefits of the movie, possible problems, background, and readings.

Math And Science Lab.

Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project, a nonprofit initiative of the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, announces Teachers’ Lab for math and science teachers. The site offers professional-development resources to help teachers gain a deeper understanding of commonly taught math and science concepts. New “labs” featuring different teaching methodologies and content will be introduced in June, September, and January; each lab combines online activities with background information, worksheets, interactive polls, and links to related materials. Teachers can also find help for basic teaching questions and engage in discussion forums with other educators.

African American History.

PBS Online announces the African American Journey, a celebration of African American achievements. Featured interviews, articles, and sites are divided into arts, living, history, politics, and people categories. Additionally, the Just for Kids! area, aimed at children ages 8 to 14, offers African American history-theme contests. Winning participants are eligible to win prizes and have their work published on the site.

Creative Teaching.

Robert Morgan, a teacher for 30 years, announces his Creative Teaching site to provide help and ideas for teachers. New ideas and articles about creative teaching are offered on subjects such as encouraging reluctant readers and adding variety to a class period.

--Kate Sullivan