On The Web

March 01, 1997 2 min read

Following is a list of World Wide Web sites that teachers and their students may find helpful.

Ask A Scientist.

The Washington University School of Medicine and the St. Louis public schools launched this site as a resource for students and teachers. More than 300 experts--including undergraduate and graduate science students and scientists in academia, industry, and government agencies--field science questions from visitors to the site. Other features include an on-line archive of past questions and answers and a library of links to other sites. Address:

PBS Teacher Site.

PBS television posts programs on this site that may be of interest to teachers of social studies, science, math, the humanities, and preschoolers. It also includes teacher’s guides with suggestions for lessons based on the programs. Address:

Social Studies.

The National Council for the Social Studies has created a site featuring resources for teachers, including: lesson plans, books, CD-ROMs, a listing of upcoming notable television programs, and contests and activities for students. Address:

School Sites.

The Hotlist of School Internet Sites offers a directory of links to K-12 school home pages nationwide. The pages are organized by state, school district, and grade level. Address:

Teacher Resources.

Roger Hoekenga, assistant principal at Bunker Middle School in Muskegon, Mich., has set up a teacher resource site that includes lesson plans, classroom activities, links to other sites, and information about e-mail discussion groups. Address:

Top Sites.

Learning in Motion posts a monthly list of its 10 favorite education web sites. The list describes each site and links to it. The page also features a list of home pages recommended by teachers. Address:

Interactive Museum.

The Exploratorium, a San Franciso museum of interactive exhibits in science, art, and human perception, has created a site with on-line exhibits, a teacher’s guide to student-built experiments, and a list of “cool” sites. Recent features included a demonstration dissection of a cow’s eye and exhibits on visual illusion. Address:

Women’s History.

Middle school students have collaborated with Mount Holyoke College to create a site on the life of Mary Lyon, the founder of the college and an early advocate for women’s education. The site contains archival photos, illustrations, classroom activities, and learning exercises for middle school students and their teachers. Address: