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By Mark Walsh — April 22, 1992 2 min read

Children’s Television Workshop, producer of “Sesame Street’’ and other public-television educational shows, addresses a topic designed for an adolescent audience in a one-hour special next month.

“What Kids Want to Know About Sex and Growing Up’’ is the title for the special “extra’’ edition of C.T.W.'s science show, “3-2-1 Contact.’'

The show is scheduled to air at 8 P.M. on May 13 on the Public Broadcasting Service. (Check local listings.)

C.T.W. conducted extensive research to discover what children in the target age group of 8 to 12 years wanted to learn about sex. The producers also consulted with more than 700 parents from a variety of religious and socioeconomic backgrounds to ensure adult acceptance of the show.

The show addresses such topics as physical and emotional development, masturbation, menstruation, intercourse, conception, parenting, AIDS, and homosexuality.

The show includes appearances by two sex educators, Robert Selverstone and Rhonda Wise.

A parent’s guide will be available for $2.25 (payable to C.T.W.) by writing Parent’s Guide, Box 40, Vernon, N.J. 07462. The show will be available on video after it airs on PBS.

Nickelodeon, the cable-television network for children, last month launched a magazine targeted to the 8- to 12-year-old age group.

Officials of the cable network said they plan to avoid the trend among some media companies of “cross-promotion,’' in which magazines are created primarily to promote programming on the network.

Instead, Nickelodeon Magazine will be driven by a philosophy of creativity and the children’s point of view.

The magazine, which is due to premiere by March 1993, will be advertiser-supported and will be available through newsstand and subscription sales.

A teacher’s guide to “Henry V,’' the recent feature film of the Shakespeare play that starred Kenneth Branagh in the title role, has been distributed to every public and private high school in the nation, according to WGBH-TV, the public-television station in Boston.

WGBH will present “Henry V’’ on PBS at 9 P.M. on April 26. (Check local listings.)

The film appears as part of the Mobil Corporation-funded “Masterpiece Theatre’’ series. Mobil has paid for two years’ off-air taping rights for teachers, which extends well beyond the 10 days after broadcast that teachers normally have to show programs.

For copies of the teachers’ guide, write to Educational Print and Outreach, WGBH, 125 Western Ave., Boston, Mass. 02134.

A version of this article appeared in the April 22, 1992 edition of Education Week as Media Column