Links in Education Week: September 24, 2008

September 23, 2008 1 min read

This page provides links to reports and resources highlighted in this issue of Education Week. The headlines show the Education Week stories in which the references appear. The links below them will take you to resource materials on other Web sites.


Low Performers Found Unready to Take Algebra

“The Misplaced Math Student: Lost in Eighth Grade Algebra” is available from the Brookings Institution.


Cost of Catching Up in College Decried

“Diploma to Nowhere” is available from Strong American Schools.

Education Data

“Projections of Education Statistics to 2017" is provided by the National Center for Education Statistics..

Teens and Video Games

“Teens, Video Games, and Civics” is sponsored by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.


English-Language Learners

“Gambling on the Future: Managing the Education Challenges of Rapid Growth in Nevada” is released by the Migration Policy Institute.

Preparing for Emergencies

“Protecting Children During U.S. Emergencies” is commissioned by Save the Children.


Minneapolis Sets ‘Covenant’ on Black Achievement

A copy of the covenant is courtesy of the Minneapolis Public Schools.


States Cite Capacity Gap in Aid for Schools on NCLB

“State Systems of Support Under NCLB: Design Components and Quality Considerations” and “Help Wanted: State Capacity for School Improvement.” are published by the American Institutes of Research.

KIPP Study Finds High Student Attrition Amid Big Learning Gains

“San Francisco Bay Area KIPP Schools: A Study of Early Implementation and Achievement: Final Report” is provided by SRI International.