Links in Education Week: May 9, 2007

May 08, 2007 1 min read

This page provides links to reports and resources highlighted in this issue of Education Week. The headlines show the Education Week stories in which the references appear. The links below them will take you to resource materials on other Web sites.


U.S. Faulted on Training of Scholars

“Educating Researchers” is posted by the Education Schools Project.


Report Roundup

NCLB-Related Tutoring Inadequately Studied:
“Supplemental Education Services Under NCLB: Emerging Evidence and Policy Issues” is available from the Education Policy Research Unit.

Corporate Expertise:
“Best in Class: How Top Corporations Can Help Transform Public Education” is posted by Ernst & Young.

Early-Childhood Education:
• An executive summary of Enriching Children, Enriching the Nation is available from the Economic Policy Institute.

Dental Health:
“Trends in Oral Health Status: United States, 1988-1994 and 1999-2004" is posted by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Southern States:
“Improving ACT and SAT Scores: Making Progress, Facing Challenges” is available from the Southern Regional Education Board.


Scholars: Equity, Competitiveness Agendas Can Be at Odds

“NCLB and the Competitiveness Agenda: Happy Collaboration or a Collision Course?,” January 2007, is available from the education journal Phi Delta Kappan.