Links in Education Week: Jan. 12, 2005

January 11, 2005 1 min read

This page provides links to reports and resources highlighted in this issue of Education Week. The headlines show the Education Week stories in which the references appear. The links below them will take you to resource materials on other Web sites.


NRC Publishes Follow-Up on Student Learning

Report Roundup

  • Early Obesity:
    “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics: 2005 Update” is available online from the American Heart Association. ()
  • Child-Welfare Spending:
    “The Cost of Protecting Vulnerable Children IV: How Child Welfare Funding Fared During the Recession” is available online from the Urban Institute. ()
  • Student Achievement:
    “Stalled in Secondary: A Look at Student Achievement Since the No Child Left Behind Act” is available online from The Education Trust. ()
  • PAGE 12

    Teaching & Learning Update

  • Lessons Being Readied to Explore Earth and Mars:
    Learn more about the JASON expedition, Mysteries of Earth and Mars.
  • PBS Series on Slavery Offers Links for Teachers:
    Get more information about “Slavery in America” from New York Life and PBS.
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    Ed. Tech Plan Is Focused on Broad Themes

    PAGE 27

    Uniform Effects?