Links in Education Week: Dec. 12, 2007

December 11, 2007 1 min read

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Policy Focus Turning to Principal Quality:
“Principal Compensation: More Research Needed on a Promising Reform” is available from the Center for American Progress.
• The National Association of Secondary School Principals has issued guidance for measuring highly effective principals.

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Poverty’s Effect on U.S. Scores Greater Than for Other Nations:
• Read the 2006 PISA results.

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Report Roundup

Primary Enrollment Rises in Poor Nations:
“Education for All by 2015: Will We Make It?” is available from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

Charter Schools:
“Hopes, Fears, and Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charter Schools in 2007" was published by the National Charter School Research Project.

Teenage Alcohol Use:
“Why Do High School Seniors Drink? Implications for a Targeted Approach to Intervention” appeared in the December 2007 issue of Prevention Science.

Data-Driven Decisionmaking:
“The Data Informed District: A District-Wide Evaluation of Data Use in the Natrona County School District” is posted by the University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Educational Administration.

Childhood Weight Problems:
“Childhood Body-Mass Index and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Adulthood” appeared in the December 6, 2007, issue of the The New England Journal of Medicine.

NCLB School Restructuring:
“Making Mid-Course Corrections: School Restructuring in Maryland” was published by the Center on Education Policy.

Youth Sports:
“Predictors of Poor Sportspersonship in Youth Sports: Personal Attitudes and Social Influences” appeared in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Sports & Exercise Psychology.


Georgia Touts Push to Send More Black Males to College:
• Read more about the University System of Georgia’s African-American Male Initiative.


Pittsburgh College Fund Lands Donation:
• Visit the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Web site about the Pittsburgh Promise program.


Federal Changes Could Boost School-Run Radio Stations:
• Read more about the FCC’s rules on low-power FM radio.

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N.J. Governor Seeks to Overhaul School Financing:
• Read an outline of Gov. Corzine’s school funding proposal.


States Warned of Slowdowns in Revenues, Spending:
“The Fiscal Survey of States” is available from the National Governors Association.