Federal File: Side Effects: New Chief: A Familiar Voice

April 10, 1991 1 min read

Many federal domestic programs face a small across-the-board cut in their budgets this year--all because Representative Dan Rostenkowski did a favor for his alma mater.

Chicago’s Loyola University received an $8-million Defense Department grant last year. $; But the college did not want to do defense research. So the
Secretary of Education - Lamar Alexander has named a White House assistant, Stephen I. Danzansky, to be his chief of staff.

Currently a deputy assistant to the President and director of Cabinet affairs, Mr. Danzansky has also served as an economic-affairs assistant and as senior director for 7 international economic affairs at the National Security Council.$9

He previously practiced law with 0 two Washington firms, and is 0 active in Republican politics.0


Former Secretary of 0 Education William J. Bennett last $week joined other $

conservative critics of higher education to discuss the

politics of race and sex on the nation’s campuses at a forum sponsored by the American $erprise Institute.

The panel did not discuss race-0 exclusive scholarships, but in an interview afterward Mr. Bennett said he opposes them.$

“There is nothing in the 0 Constitution, in law, or in 0 good, moral thinking to prevent giving out scholarships on the

Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, failed to appear as scheduled--something he has done several times since a furor broke 0 out over his assertion last 0 year that such scholarships are illegal.--m.p. & j.m.

A version of this article appeared in the April 10, 1991 edition of Education Week as Federal File: Side Effects: New Chief: A Familiar Voice