Capital Update

October 07, 1992 2 min read

Capital Update tracks the movement of legislation, the introduction of notable bills, and routine regulatory announcements.

Legislative Action

Education Reform
S 2

The House last week approved legislation that would provide federal school-reform aid to states and localities and authorize a federal role in developing national standards and tests. The bill remained stalled in the Senate.

Family Leave
S 5

By a vote of 258 to 169, the House last week failed to override President Bush’s veto of the “family and medical leave act,’' which would have required firms with more than 50 workers to grant workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a child or for serious family illness.

FY 1993 Education Budget
HR 5677

House and Senate conferees last week agreed to a social-services spending bill that would provide increased funding for the Education Department. The bill was expected to reach the floor of both houses by last weekend.

Head Start
HR 5630

The Senate gave final approval Sept. 24 to legislation that would let Head Start agencies purchase buildings and require them to provide education services to parents of children in the program. President Bush was expected to sign the bill.

Juvenile Justice
HR 5194

A House-Senate conference committee was expected late last week to complete its deliberations on compromise legislation to reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Congress was expected to approve the bill and send it to the White House. The full Senate passed the measure Sept. 25 after adding amendments that would authorize funding for military-style boot camps for juvenile delinquents; a study of hate crimes committed by juveniles; and grants for mentoring programs.

Radon Disclosure Act
HR 3258

The House last week by voice vote approved a bill that would educate the public, including school officials, about the dangers of radon exposure and require disclosure of radon leakage to the public.

Students’ Views on Reform

The Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee held a hearing last week at which elementary and high school students presented school-reform ideas.

Urban Aid
HR 11

The Senate last week approved a bill that would provide tax breaks and emergency aid, including education funds, to distressed urban and rural areas. The bill also would amend child-welfare programs. A conference committee was to begin work on the bill, which faces a possible veto.

A version of this article appeared in the October 07, 1992 edition of Education Week as Capital Update