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Education news, analysis, and opinion about how education products and services are promoted and sold, and the reaction they're receiving from districts.
  • Sales & Marketing Video Selling to K-12 Principals Without Alienating District Leaders
    For many education companies, winning over a school principal is a critically important strategy for securing business in school districts. If a principal tests a product and becomes its champion, it can pave a vendor’s path to a districtwide contract. But there are challenges with that strategy. Many central-office administrators are wary of companies working with individual principals, fearing it will sow confusion and lead to a disjointed educational or tech-based strategy. In this video, we'll show how K-12 companies can work with principals and build support for their products in districts without angering top administrators.
    Sean Cavanagh, April 1, 2019
    Sales & Marketing Video Don’t Buy Me a Steak Dinner
    See what it takes to impress Miami schools chief Alberto Carvalho in the sales process, from how he wants education companies to behave to his views on efficacy contracting.
    April 7, 2017
    Sales & Marketing School Bus Radio Venture Raising Concerns
    As consumer and child-advocacy groups voice objections to a commercial radio venture that aims to outfit school buses with music and advertising that targets children, the safety of offering any radio programming on buses is also being debated.
    Lesli A. Maxwell, September 26, 2006
    3 min read
    Glynis Sweeny
    Sales & Marketing Ad Infinitum
    Faced with mounting pressures and shrinking district budgets, schools are letting advertisers boldly put their messages where no ads have gone before.
    David Carpman, November 12, 2004
    5 min read
    Sales & Marketing New Breed of Retail Field Trips Emerging
    At a time of tight school budgets, a new type of field trip to retail outlets have proved successful, but has also generated criticism as a blatant promotional tactic.
    Rhea R. Borja, October 8, 2004
    7 min read
    Sales & Marketing Coca-Cola Plays Both Sides Of School Marketing Game
    Earlier this year, the beverage giant Coca-Cola Inc. said it would stop marketing to children under age 12. Yet the Atlanta-based multinational company has stepped up its presence in the lives of students and in the education world in other ways, some industry observers say.
    Rhea R. Borja, November 5, 2003
    7 min read
    Sales & Marketing District Takes 'Moonlighting' To New Level
    School officials in the Grapevine-Colleyville schools system near Dallas have expanded summer school to a full day of supervised activities—a la children's day camps—to increase revenue from courses like "Busy with Bells" and "Scientific Method with Hamsters."
    Michelle Galley, May 7, 2003
    6 min read
    Sales & Marketing Sales Pitch: Go to School in Our District
    The Milwaukee school district and others around the country are honing their marketing tactics as competition for students rises.
    Rhea R. Borja, February 27, 2002
    9 min read
    Sales & Marketing From Walls to Roofs, Schools Sell Ad Space

    The Grapevine-Colleyville school district in Grapevine, Texas, is open for business.

    Jessica L. Sandham, June 4, 1997
    6 min read