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  • Markets Video 3 Insights on the China Market
    Working successfully in the K-12 market of the most populous country in the world requires finding a good reseller, protecting your company’s intellectual property, and getting to know your customers. (October 22, 2018.)
    October 22, 2018
    Markets Video The Global Ed-Tech Market: Risks, Opportunities for Companies Trying to Sell Abroad
    The global ed-tech market presents numerous obstacles for K-12 companies, but also tantalizing opportunities if they can overcome those barriers. EdWeek Market Brief senior editor Sean Cavanagh spoke recently with company officials and others about the challenges ed-tech providers face in trying to work outside their home countries, which include trying to right viable buyers, the lack of reliable infrastructure in some nations and regions, increasingly complex demands from school officials, and the pressure on early-stage companies have a fully realized product before they go to market.
    March 23, 2017