June 12, 2013

Digital expansion of educational technology coverage now puts emphasis on online offerings, such as e-newsletters, webinars, video, and the online ed-tech channel.
More than a million students have used computing devices to participate in a pilot of online assessments for the Common Core State Standards.
A Minnesota district's ed-tech professional-development strategy emphasizes how-to videos and support from technology-integration specialists.
Educators are working to make sure the technologies elementary students are using are appropriate for their age and highly interactive.
Some child-development experts are unsure kindergartners can get the necessary amount of social and emotional interaction in virtual environments.
Ed-tech experts say many schools and districts don't have a good understanding of how to choose and evaluate the different systems available.
Computer programmers and software engineers are urging that students, even as early as elementary school, learn how to design and write source code for computers.
One California district built a sophisticated online crowdsourcing platform open to all 4,000 employees and accessible via cellphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

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