February 8, 2012

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Vol. 05, Issue 02
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Editor Kevin C. Bushweller says necessity is the fuel that motivates most of us to innovate, try a different approach, or learn a new skill.
Some district and state data systems are finally mature enough to look into the future, by using complex analytics to predict which indicators mean students may go off track down the line.
Ambitious 1-to-1 laptop effort emerges in the wake of the tornado that devastated the Missouri district.
Educators, policymakers, and researchers see a need for more and better research as the popularity of e-learning continues to rise.
Companies are making moves to differentiate themselves from the pack and reinvent their products in the age of tablet computing.
Moving assessments onto mobile devices may open the door to quicker feedback for students and teachers as well as richer data, but integrating them into classrooms can be a challenge.
One of the biggest challenges of incorporating iPads, iPods, and other touch-screen devices into the classroom is figuring out which apps are best suited for students.
Technology is changing the way schools go about crafting curricula and purchasing content, prompting publishers to rethink how they do business.
Fiction writer and techie Ernest Cline, who has a particular passion for education and how it might look in the future, answers some key questions from Education Week Digital Directions.
This special Digital Directions data page provides statistics about teacher and student access to certain types of digital tools.

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