October 21, 2009

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Vol. 03, Issue Fall 2009
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Digital Directions' poses the question, "When was the last time you asked your students how they think technology can be used to improve schools?"
The use of computers in our district mimics what is happening in the work world.
Meet the people who bring Digital Directions' stories to life.
Digital Directions' list of go-to sites for educators.
Opening access to quality online content seen to outweigh the possibility of students seeing inappropriate material.
Schools with 1-to-1 computing programs weigh the cost savings of netbooks versus the digital power of laptops.
Despite budget shortfalls, about half the high schools in the state plan to issue laptops to students.
Experts describe what works best to use cellphones as 1-to-1 computing tools for learning.
Educators are determining how to customize virtual education for boys versus girls.
Educators say gaming could spur interest among girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
It takes more than computers to make e-learning programs run smoothly and efficiently.
Advancements in assistive technologies have spurred an emerging roster of software programs to help autistic students learn.
The introduction of a faster and more reliable wireless standard is also prompting schools to put expansion high on the priority list.
The potential cost savings of using multimedia books is prompting states to seek out such options for school curricula.
To lower costs, save paper, and use less energy, IT purchasers are turning to multifunction copiers over desktop printers.

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