June 20, 2007

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Vol. 1, Issue Summer 2007
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View edweek.org's multimedia presentation of the 2007 National Educational Computing Conference.

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Executive Editor Kevin Bushweller provides an overview of what you can expect to find in Education Week's new Digital Directions publication.
John Q. Porter, the deputy superintendent for the office of information and organizational systems in the Montgomery County, Md., school system, talks about technology leadership and his future as a superintendent.
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Mapping the future of education, ed. tech leader certification, and more.
K-12 educators are beginning to harness the learning powers of iPods and other portable devices in very practical ways.
How to use technology to maximize your science and math programs.
Finding the right reading software is no easy task.
The success of virtual schools presents a new array of challenges, particularly in the area of quality control.
The use of computer-based testing requires careful planning.
Administrators must be sure to avoid offering online professional development that doesn’t connect with what teachers do in the classroom.
For the past five years, the federal No Child Left Behind Act has increased demands on school technology officials to put in place new and better systems to collect and analyze data.
Guidelines and precautions can prevent data projects from becoming financial and logistical nightmares.
Wireless technologies present a whole new set of challenges.
Computer and network security is probably the most important topic that information-technology managers in school districts face.
Edited excerpts from a recent edweek.org chat, “The Evolution of Ed. Tech.”

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