Special Reports on Education Technology

E-Learning Series

These special reports from the team at Education Week Digital Directions aim to highlight the progress made in the e-learning arena, as well as the administrative, funding, and policy barriers that some experts say are slowing its growth. Read the latest installment, Evaluating What Works in Blended Learning.
Special Report: Schools Open Doors to New E-Learning Rules
Special Report: Virtual World of Learning
Special Report: Virtual PD Creates Connections

Technology Counts

Education Week's annual education-technology report, Technology Counts, has been providing educators with data and analysis on the growing field of education technology for 14 years. The latest report, Virtual Shift, tackles the shift in the virtual education landscape, where the rise in popularity is intersecting with a call for greater accountability.
Technology Counts 2012: Virtual Shift
Technology Counts 2011: K-12 Seeks Custom Fit
Technology Counts 2010: Powering Up
Technology Counts 2009: Breaking Away From Tradition

Multimedia Transformation

In science and math classes across the country, digital tools are being used to conduct experiments, analyze data, and run 3-D simulations to explain complex concepts. Language arts teachers are now pushing the definition of literacy to include the ability to express ideas through media.

This special report examines the many ways multimedia tools are transforming teaching and learning as schools work to raise achievement and prepare students for careers that require increasingly sophisticated uses of technology.

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