Stimulus Supercharges Energy Efficiency Efforts
NAEP Shows Promise as 'Preparedness' Yardstick
Rhode Island Considers 2-Tiered Diploma System
College Tuition Rises Again, But So Does Grant Support
Obama Plays Cheerleader For STEM
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Minneapolis Ordered to Pay Workers $17 Million
Baby Steps Make Baby Progress
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Tests' Rigor Varies Plenty State to State
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Profiles in Education Courage
High Court Seen Snubbing Religious-Expression Cases
Report: States Should Track Early Dropout Indicators
Philadelphia Schools Chief Named Top Urban Leader
Court Upholds Schools' Firing Of Workers for Old Crimes
Study Tracks Training Of Principals in 8 Cities
N.J. Weighs Law Against Bullying
It's Time for a White House Conference on Education
GOP Gains Could Prompt Funding, Policy Shifts
School Bus Seat Belts Found Not Cost-Effective
Education Giving
Early College
Textbook Publisher to Correct Black Civil War Troops Error
Vouchers Proposed for Disabled Pupils in Military Homes
Audit Criticizes Hiring for L.A. School Work
Science and Teacher Training Are On ELL Chief's Agenda
Class Sizes Show Signs of Growing
Panel Fails to Back Mayor's NYC Schools Chief Pick
N.J.'s Christie Takes Combative Tack on Education
U.S. Teenagers Cite Value of Math, Science
New Congressional Support Could Revive Nutrition Bill
Indiana Requiring Online Exam
Broadband Grows, but Gaps Persist
Hopeful News on Teaching Boys
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'Gainful Employment' Rule Proposal Draws Fire
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Educational Well-Being
Teachers Say Students Not Ready for College
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Principal Preparation
Learning From Scale-Up Initiatives
Black Males Found to Trail in Achievement
Report Does Not Give Full Picture of Character Education
U.S. Releases National Ed-Tech Action Plan
Prekindergarten Programs
Too Soon for a 'Judgment Call' on Character Education
Philadelphia Panel Appointed to Tackle Classroom Violence
Teacher-Hiring Memo Rankles Conn. Educators
School Finance
Momentum Builds to Restructure Teacher Education
Yale Helps Send Local Grads to Public Colleges for Free
Court Rejects Challenges to Admission Policy
High Court Hears Alabama Tax Case With K-12 Angle
Utah District Pays Big Bonuses
Eliminating Recess Hurts Kids
NYC Education Boss: The Tenure of Joel Klein
School Uniforms
Media Leader Tapped to Head N.Y.C. Schools
Calif. Department of Ed. Now on iTunes U
Schools Integrate Dance Into Core Academics
Levies' Rejection Squeezes School Districts
Efforts to Improve Evolution Teaching Bearing Fruit
Groups Eye Regulatory Relief Under NCLB
U.S. Releases National Ed-Tech Action Plan
Social and Emotional Learning: An After-School Program Helps Students Beat the Odds
Dual-Language Program Showing Benefits in N.J.
Bilingual Mandate Challenges Chicago's Public Preschools
Insiders Ask: Can K-12 Dodge Congressional Gridlock?
In States, GOP Winners Mapping Course for K-12
NYC Mayor Seeks Waiver for His Chancellor Choice
Moving Mountains in New York City: Joel Klein's Legacy by the Numbers
Study Points to Fewer 'Dropout Factory' Schools
Seniors' Reading and Math NAEP Scores on Rise
Achieve Names Leaders
This Youth Leader Not 'Waiting for Superman'
Colorado Picks Interim Schools Chief
More of a Difficulty Than a Disability
District Sued Over Field Trip to Voting-Precinct House
Incoming NYC Chancellor's Education Views a 'Question Mark'
GOP Scores Big in State Superintendents' Races
Questions Arise Over Teacher-Credential Expenses
Head of Schools in Chicago Resigns
Evaluating Educators
Arizona's English-Learners
N.J. Governor Snubs Teachers' Union
Large Districts
Toddler Learning
Voters Grapple with Ballot Measures on Education
Fewer Math Students Seen at Advanced Level
More Mass. Students Attend Charter Schools
Don't Cut Out the Center
Researchers Create Bilingual Test for Speech-Language Disorders
The Same Thing Over and Over
Al Gore to Host Virtual Town Hall on STEM
Academy Engages Incarcerated Youths
Mass. District Strives for Teacher 'Learning System'
43 Los Angeles Campuses Eligible for Choice Reform
Friends to Teachers at the U.S. Department of Education?
Corporal Punishment Banned in Seoul, South Korea
Student Behavior
High Court Takes Case on Police 'Custody' on Campus
Staff-Development Providers Eye New Opportunities
San Francisco Targets 'Cheating' Families
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Character Education Studies Need to Be Comprehensive
Framework Crafted for Student Use of Mobile Devices
Full Cost of Professional Development Hidden
Facebook-Funded Schools Fix Hits the Streets in Newark
Texas District Targets Teachers for ELL Training
Ravitch's Merit-Pay Comments Said to Distort Study
Districts Try Out Revamped Teacher-Pay Systems
63 Kansas School Districts Sue Over Millions in Funding Cuts
Sen. Reid Vows to Bring DREAM Act to a Vote
Proof Lacking on Success of Staff Development
Professional Development for Teachers at Crossroads
Expert Issues Warning on Formative-Assessment Uses
Mich. District Adds Accountability to Staff Training
Guidance Offered on Guarding Student Privacy in School Data
Justices Tackle Tax Credits, Violent Video Games
Regular Public Schools Start to Mimic Charters
Experts Search for Best Content to Train Teachers
The Haves vs. The Have-Nots
Disability-Rights Groups Spar Over Special Ed. Restraints
Election Stakes High for Education Policy, Spending
GOP Gains Could Prompt Funding, Policy Shifts
Studies Paint a Picture of Klein's Legacy
Colo. Schools Report Sharp Rise in Drug Offenses; Some Blame Medical Marijuana
School Offers Model Lessons for D.C.'s Jailed Youths
Federal Study Tests Early-Grade Math Programs
Federal Board Sets Priorities for Education Research